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Easter EP (Stifled Aadvark)
1989 AARD001
Cassette Only
TYS Easter EP
2.When The World Was Round
3.Sunday Inverted

Demo's really, on tape, and rough with it!
Many thanks to Rob Hancock for my copy of the tape (which he got off the band!)

Tumbledown EP (Stifled Aadvark)
1990 AARD002
Cassette Only
TYS Tumbledown Tape EP
1.Twice Times
2.Few And Far Between
3.Worse For Wear

A much better demo set, comments to follow!
Again, Many thanks to Rob Hancock for a copy of the tape.

Weatherwatching EP (Stifled Aardvark)
1990 AARD003
4 track 12" w/lyric sheet
CDS (Planned but not released)
A1.Weatherwatching (6.08)
B1.Stopgap To The World (3.37)
2.Three Doors Down
3.Stonesthrow (4.40)

Their first single 'proper'.
Fantastic tunes abound and I recommend this to anyone!
Thanks to Mark for the details.

Keepsake EP (Stifled Aardvark)
1991 AARD004
Numbered Limited 10" Yellow Vinyl
4 Track 12" w/lyric sheet
TYS - Keepsake EPThousand Yard Stare - Keepsake EP SignedKeepsake Ep Promo VinylKeepsake Ep Vinyl
1.Buttermouth (4.29)
2.Twicetimes (4.01)
3.Weatherwatching One
4.Another On And On

Where I came in back in the day, tragically buying a warped yellow 10", then swapping it for the normal 12".
A great single then...even cooler now..........

Buttermouth EP (Polydor/Polygram)
Promo Only
Buttermouth FrontButtermouth Back
1.Buttermouth (American Edit)
2.Buttermouth (Album Version)
3.Buttermouth (Stifled Aadvark Version)
4.Twice Times
5.Weatherwatching/Another And On

This appears to be the US version of Keepsake.

Seasonstream EP (Polydor)
October 14th 1991 AARD005
3 track 10" on numbered blue textured vinyl
4 Track 12" AARD005T
Seasonstream EP
1. 0-0 a.e.t. (3.49)
2.Village end (3.20)
4.Worse for wear (7.18)

Their most accessible and indie danceable single! Brilliant, and featuring the fiddle playing of the Wonderstuff's Martin 'Fiddly' Bell.
Recorded at Surrey Sound in August 91, produced by Stephen Street. The B-sides were recorded at Falconer Studios in July 91.

White Label EP
Released November 1991, (AARD006)
One sided 12" vinyl only
Need A Picture
Knew nothing about this, only found out about it through the "Whatever Happened To Thousand Yard Stare" website
Now have a copy of it, it contains:

1.Twice Times (Remix)
2.Strange (REM Cover)

Odd versions, but worse having if you can find em!
According to Eamonn Murphy, it was given away at the November 1991 gig at the ULU (University Of North London) and copies were also sold through the bands store.
Thanks to Eamonn.

Comeuppance Promo CD (Polydor)
1992 - CDP782
TYS Comeuppance Promo FrontComeuppance Promo BackComeuppance Promo Cd
1.Comeuppance (UK 7" Edit)
2.Comeuppance (You Want To Get Whats Yours)
3.Moccapune E.P. (UK Instrumental Remix)
4.Wish A Perfect (Non Cd B-Side)
5.Standoffish (Non Cd B-Side)

Could well be another US Promo

Comeuppance EP (Polydor)
1992 (AARDC007)
CDS/CD Promo
4 track 10" on numbered red vinyl with green sleeve(AARDS007)
TYS Comeuppance EP
1.Comeuppance (6.16)
2.Wish A Perfect (3.27)
3.Standofish (4.47)

Need to listen to it again! Will paste the green cover soon!

Live Bootleg EP (Polydor)
1992 (AARD009)
TYS Bootleg A TYS Bootleg EP Back
A live EP of four tracks
1.3 Doors Down
4.Village End

Some excellent live versions of favourites!
It was also available seperate from the "Hands On" vinyl (with which it came bundled). The edition that came with the LP had a red "Polydor" label, and the version available from the bands store came with a green and purple "Stifled Aardvark" label. Both versions had the same catalogue number.
Thanks again to Eamonn for that.

Spindrift EP (Polydor)
1992 (AARD0010)
2 track 7" promo only (AARD 010DJ)
Clear Vinyl 10" (sealed with a small TYS sticker) (AARDS 010)
Green 10" Vinyl (AARDR 010) Different Cover To Clear Vinyl Version Shown with a lyric sheet and Wideshire Three
12" + free 1992 tour poster (pictures the album Hands On)
SpindriftSpindrift Cd
Clear Vinyl 10"/CDS Tracklisting:
1.Wildeshire two. (5.55)
2.Hand, son (4.45)
3.Happenstance? (3.56)
4.Moccapune e.p. (6.10)

1-3 on thiswere recorded at surrey sound studios march and may '92.
Produced and mixed by nick steele and thousand yard stare and engineered by mark 'tufty' evans.
4 was recorded there, november '91. Produced by nick steele, mixed by tys and mark 'tufty' evans.

Version Of Me (Polydor)
1993 (AARD0012)
7" 2 Track Promo
CD1 normal cd case
CD2 in numbered digipac
12" Clear Vinyl
12" 2 track one-sided promo
Version Of MeVersion Of Me Promo
1.Version of me (edit) (3.50)
2. Strange (3.50)
3. Darkness of her eyes (4.55)
4.Version of me (version of) (5.00)

1.Version of me (4.34)
2. Spacehopper (3.19)
3. Comeuppance - live bootleg (6.00)
4. Happenstance? - live bootleg (3.58)

I've now got the 12" promo, but, to be honest, it's a lesser last single, and the b-sides are just passable.


Fair To Middling (Stifled Aardvark)
1990 (AARD011)
CD (Jewel Case or Digipak, though French Versions had both released!)
10 Track LP on limited blue vinyl
Fair To Middling
1.No Score After Extra Time (4.00)
2.Village End (3.26)
3.Weatherwatching/Another And On (6.43)
4.Three Doors Down (2.31)
5.Stonesthrow (2.24)
6.Buttermouth (4.30)
7.Twice Times (4.02)
8.Keepsake (3.10)
9.Worse For Wear (4.23)

My copy of this appears to be a French compilation of early singles!
Excellent stuff therefore and worthy!

Hands On (Stifled Aardvark)
1992 (AARD008)
Vinyl LP + 4 trk live 10" EP
All Songs - (Barnes/Thousand Yard Stare)
TYS - Hands On Album
1. O-O A.E.T. - 3:58
2. Thisness - 3:12
3. Comuppance - 6:16
4. Cottager - 3:16
5. Seasonstream - 5:35
6. Junketing - 3:13
7. Nonplussed - 3:42
8. Absentee - 3:10
9. Last up First to Go - 2:48
10. Buttermouth - 4:17
11. Wideshire - 5:56

Brilliant LP, though the AMG experts usual...
AMG EXPERT REVIEW: The quick-jangling guitar-pop of Hands On is fully designed for the mainstream end of Britpop, and packs all of the La's-esque hooks that the market requires — the band doesn't live up to the wave of adored Britpop bands that began sweeping the nation in the early and mid-90s (Blur, Oasis, Suede, etc.), but their sole LP is nonetheless a decent and consistently pleasant slice of radio-pop.
Nitsuh Abebe

I couldn't really disagree more about this, let's face it, this stuff predated Britpop by miles....and 00-AET was played in Indie venues long after early Blur had given way to later stuff..still.....

Mappamundi (Polydor)
(1993) (AARD013)
12" vinyl, CD, cassette
Also there is a 7" and 12" white label testpressing of no score after extra
time. They are both just in standard stamped paper sleeves and the 7 has a hand written A on the A side. Both include the track Village end.
1.Version Of Me
2.God's P45
3.Tragedy No. 6
5.One And All
8.Small Change
9.Monsieur Bour And His Goat
10.Naturesway (Earthwatching)
11.What's Your Level?
12.Downtown Mystic

Not a great album. I have no idea why it's so weak for the most part...but, one for the serious fan. Odd to hear it up against the fantastic Hands On.
What would the 3rd have been like? We'll never know!

And also Eamonn Murphy.

A note from the USA!:
I just looked over your website and the Thousand Yard Stare discography, nice.  I just picked up a 10" vinyl of an EP with a number not listed in your discography, it is identical to the live E.P. you have listed as AARD009, but on the label the catalog number is listed as AARD 008 .

The sleeve is plain white heavy paper stock with just the following written with a black marker on one side: "Thousand Yard Stare - Bootleg E.P.". The vinyl is a 10" with the red Polydor label titled "Thousand Yard Stare Bootleg E.P." AARD 008, Made In England, rpm 45, 1992.  There are two songs per side, all live versions (no times given):

A - 1 - Twice Times  2 - Village End  
written by Thousand Yard Stare mixed by Glenn Skinner
B - 1 - Three Doors Down  2 - Buttermouth
written by Thousand Yard Stare mixed by Glenn Skinner

There is a maple leaf on either side of the song listings on both sides.
On the out grooves is scratched
side A : "AARD + 008 + A"  and "ORLAKE"
side B:  "AARD + 008 + B"  and "ORLAKE"

Peter Thaler
(in the U.S.A.)

And here's a mail from Ciaran

The White Label EP Was indeed given out at the ULU gig (support that night were another "Where are they now" style band, Scorpio Rising"). Have to say that I disagree about the albums and think the 2nd was much better - more mature.
Also, on the T-Shirts you missed their classic "Thousand Yard Who?" top (inspired by the reaction of a booking agent apparently) which dominated Reading '91.

Cheers, Ciarán

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