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Line Up
Tara Milton (vocals, bass)
Paul Bassett (vocals, guitar)
Phil Hopper (drums).

Five Thirty

Based in north London, England, this briefly active trio consisted of Tara Milton (vocals, bass), Paul Bassett (vocals, guitar) and Phil Hopper (drums).

The name was taken as a reaction against the grind of nine to five employment: 'It's the time when everyone goes home and gets ready to go out.'
A previous incarnation featuring Milton and Bassett had recorded the single 'Catcher In The Rye' shortly after they had left school.

After three further singles with the new line-up, and a series of well-received, energetic live outings, they recorded their album debut, Bed, for East West Records.
Motivated by the Jam in spirit if not style, they were one of a number of 'new mod' bands to break through in 1991, and despite their haphazard songwriting they were undoubtedly among the best.

Afterwards, however, the band became silent, with Hopper leaving for an acting career.
By 1995 Milton had found a new home for his ambitions in the Nubiles, while Bassett moved on to Orange Deluxe.

Paul Bassett is now in a new band, info here!

Jason sent me an email in 2005:
"Not sure how much you know but I followed 5:30 quite a bit and went on to make good friends with Paul and his follow up band Orange Deluxe. He's now making music under the name of Eskimo Project with an album called Degrees Of Happiness, and excellant album although somewhat different from 5:30. My question is do you have any news on Tara?
Following the split of The Nubiles I beleive he went to Japan teaching English although I've recently heard that he is back in the UK and is pursuing a solo career"

Mailed him back with what little info we have...

From David Hadsley

I saw them twice in concert once at manchester uni in 1991 and at Reading Festival again in 1991 where they absolutley rocked the second tent in ther mid afternoon. I got to speak to Tara after the Manchester gig, can't remember what he said though. I also had the long sleeved t-shirt with the swirly disc on the front which was luminous and 'about f**king time" on the back. I think I had to get it through the fan club. I also got sent postcards through the fan club but all these items are long gone, along with the picture/lyric inserts from some of the 12". Anyway if you know here I can download Five Thirty MP3s or if you want to buy any of the vinyl ( I would also swap them for CD versions) please respond to this e-mail.

Thanks very much, David

Oh and a correction from Tom Roberts for the line up, I had the drummer as Phil Hooper, but he wrote:
The drummer was Phil Hopper! I think hes in Japan these days, has a lovely japanese wife.

Thanks for that Tom!

And here's a link to Tara Milton's Myspace page with new songs!

Thanks Jason!

Lastly, found this great pic here:
530 - Collection

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