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CATCHER IN THE RYE (Other Records)
(1989), 12", Oth2
Catcher In The Rye
1. Weight Of The World
2. Catcher In The Rye
3. Mood Suite
4. Suburban Town

1st Single, probably impossible to find these days...
I found one in a German shop!
Very odd, nothing like the other singles, probably demos....

1990, 12" With Insert/7", YZ543T
Air Conditioned Nightmare EP
1.Air Conditioned Nightmare (Milton/Bassett)
2.Judy Jones (Bassett)
3.Mistress Daydream (Bassett)
4.The Things That Turn You On (Milton/Bassett)

Mixed by John Leckie, Management Pete Hawkins
Pretty smart for a first single 'proper', though a lot of the song writing skills that would show up later were lacking a bit....

ABSTAIN! (East West)

1990, 12"/CDS/7", YZ530T
1.Abstain (Milton)
2.You (Bassett)
3.Catcher In The Rye (Milton/S.Gwin)
4.Coming Up For Air (Milton/Bassett)

Produced/Mixed by Flood
Packed with tunes, a smart-as single!

13TH DISCIPLE (East West)
1991, CDS/12", 9031-74402-2
13th Disciple
1.13th Disciple
2.Hate Male
3.Out To Get In
4.Come Together

More people had this one that the last two, the start of 5.30's proper popularity period?

?, 12", Sam840, Promo Only
Somethings Got To Give Promo
A promo release, Supernova took over as the A-side.

1991, CDS,12", 7", GMV8437/YZ594T (9031-74991-0)
2.Still Life
3.Something's Got To Give

Brilliant single, though I've only got the 7".
"Something's Got To Give" is a great b-side, though and this is, in my opinion, one of the best singles they had.

YOU EP (East West)
1991, CDS/12"/7"/Cassette, YZ624 (9031-75739-0)
You EP
2.Cuddly Drug
3.Slow Train Into The Ocean

Cool fronted 12" single, one of their better 12"!

Tour 7" (October 1991) from the 20/10/1991
Town and Country Club (now the Forum), London
530 Tour Single ATour Single B Side
Click on the pics above for a clearer picture.
A.Falling Down (Live)  - Chapterhouse
B1.Junkmale (Live) - 5:30
B2.Outshine The Sun (Live) - Belltower

The 7" is unmarked but, according to Steven, the 5.30 track is from the Marquee circa August 91.
This may well be the Band Explosion gig.


(1991) 9031-75304-2
1. Supernova
2. Psycho Cupid
3. Junk Male
4. 13th Disciple
5. Strange Kind Of Urgency
6. You
7. Songs And Paintings
8. Womb With A View
9. Automatons
10. Wrapped In Blue
11. Abstain
12. Catcher In The Rye

Good album and obviously what you want to aim for if you've never heard the band. This is the review Amazon has:
Yammer of The Mods? , January 7, 2005
Reviewer: theplacidcasual from Blackburn, England
The review title is nicked from a fateful NME interview where they stuck the knife into everybody's favourite kickbag of the day the Manic Street Preachers.

Let's put it one way, if they could've survived as long as the Manic's they would've totally outstripped them.

Simply a case of wrong place wrong time. Madchester was in and Grunge was kicking off big time. This album, however, is an absolute gem (I own a vinyl copy which is knackered from the heavy rotation)! Like the Manic's, they just didn't fit in with the "scene." They were far too good!

There's a common thread but every song is stylisticly very individual and brilliant: The blistering heavy tremolo effected guitar pop of "Supernova;" the paranoiac power pop, featuring super cool slide guitar on "Psycho Cupid;" the sleaze of "Junk Male;" the Funk rock-tastic 13th Disciple (the solitary song that did conform); the yearning and bass groove laden "Strange Kind of Urgency;" the Wah-Wah heavy, lovelorn "You;" THAT crazy jet engine effect and the super funky groove on "Songs & Paintings;" the fantastic guitar riffing and twisted perspective in "Womb with a View;" the Beatles-esque lyrics and chorus of the raucous "Automatons;" through to the tender acoustic ballad "All wrapped up in Blue;" songs one through ten (you get three more brilliant songs on the CD - the Jam-esque first single Abstain! and single B-sides, each exemplifying the quality of the band, as they are great tunes in their own right and would've made it as A-sides for some bands; these being the acoustic pschedelia of "Something's Got to Give" and the furious guitar riffing and wah-wah frenzied climaxing of "Mistress Daydream.") are simply superb!

I can't eulogise enough about this album, it's a tragedy that they were only given the opportunity to release the one album.

Great lyrics, fantastic musicianship and beautifully engineered, recorded and produced. All these qualities have ensured that the appeal of the album is unabated and that it still remains a big favourite of mine today.

If you can find a copy, don't hesitate, Buy It!

Edmund - Couldn't agree more....

Alvin Lives In Leeds (Midnight Music)
(1990) CLANG4CD
Alvin Lives In Leeds
Close Lobsters - Float On
The Corn Dollies - Le Freak
Crocodile Ride - I Feel Love
Cud - Bohemian Rhapsody
Five Thirty - My Sweet Lord
14 Iced Bears - Summer Night
Robyn Hitchcock - Kung Fu Fighting
Lush - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
The Perfect Disaster - Wanderin Star
The Popguns - Bye Bye Baby
The Siddeleys - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
The Wedding Present - Make Me Smile ( Come Up And See Me )

Includes a cover of 'My Sweet Lord' (G.Harrison)

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