Eskimo Cool

The Eskimo Project was born one summers evening in 2005, plenty of gas'n air, plenty of pethidine, the 'Maternity Ward' a garage somewhere in Ashford, the incubator a Roland VS1680 and the child? well, lets just say she's a true child of the digital age.

What began as a one off, once only recording session - a one night stand so to speak, designed to capture a collection of songs acoustically, has now, somehow evolved into the completed album, 'Degrees of Happiness' which has itself spawned the EPTV website. Our latest newborn is proving to be a difficult child, suffering from Attention deficit disorder and Tourette's Syndrome, but we love her all the same.

The family so far consists of Paul - music, instruments and vocals, Phil - Production and Engineering, Smiley - Drums and Percussion, and an assortment of doting Uncles – James, Neil, Steve and Adam who have given up their valuable time and energy to help steer our little one through the growing pains of early childhood.

So together, all we're really doing is riding one huge learning curve, keeping things simple and constantly looking out for new and interesting ways of defying conventional wisdom.

And what of the digital child? Well, she's walking now and has just strung her guitar in open 'C' and is determined to do things a little differently this time around.

The album ‘Degrees of Happiness’ will be released through Brass Monkey Music on 04/09/06.


Press: Steve Godman T: 07757 703722

    Brass Monkey Music
P.O.Box 269, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 1WL

Proud Of Myself

The album - Degrees of happiness!

The album 'Degrees of happiness' began as a one off, once only recording session, allowing me to exorcise a few song ghosts, and Phil to test out his new digital recording gear. At the end of the session I was happy just to be going home with a tape I could listen to on my stereo, as opposed to having the songs on permanent repeat inside my head, but Phil had other ideas, asking me if I might like to return and add a few overdubs or backing vocals.
I jumped at the chance and what followed was a years worth of Wednesday nights, hundreds of overdubs, thousands of backing vocals, and a 'patience of a saint' award for Phil.
The end result was 10 songs we were really excited about, and thought were worth mixing to as high a standard as possible. For this we enlisted the help of Jeff Ward at Random Productions who kept a watchful 'ear' on proceedings to make sure we didn't screw up sonically at the final hurdle.   
We took the title from what became the last song on the Album, 'Careful what U wish 4'. It just felt like a positive thing to do - to measure mood on a scale of happiness rather than sadness - a glass, after all, should always be at least half full!
The whole process, from first chord to mastering has really just been one huge experiment, which is why I’m looking forward to starting all over again, only this time with eyes wide open, and hopefully, a few more of you along for the ride..........