Don't Be Too Honest
Need An Image/Need A Copy
(17 November, 1995)
Label: Hmd
ASIN: B00000842Z
Catalogue Number: HMD0012
 Don't Be Too Honest
Confessions of a Thug (acoustic)
Excuse Me? (demo)

Need An Image/Need A Copy
Mental Hygiene
Crude Manipulator

    WeKnowWhereYouLive released their debut
single 'Don't Be Too Honest' on November 20th,
and set off on their second tour on the same day.
The band consists of ex Wonder Stuff members
Malcolm Treece, Paul Clifford and Martin Gilks,
and the former singer from Eat, Ange Dolittle.

So, how did the band get together? "We still wanted to make music," reflects Paul, "but The Wonder Stuff
felt like a tired format. Malc and I started doing some stuff together pretty much as The Wonder Stuff split,
and hooked up with Ange, who we had known for years, in September or October 1994. We didn't have a
drummer, so Martin helped us out, and ended up joining in December."

As they have known each other for so long they are all quite comfortable with each other's company, luckily.
They rehearse by all going into the studio and banging out ideas until they come up with the sound they are
looking for. Asked how their sound differs from their previous bands, Ange answers,
"W-E - A-R-E - H-E-A-V-Y." Right, Ange. 'Got it!

After the pressures of being in a band as big as The Wonder Stuff, and all the corporate machinery involved,
being in a new band provided the chance for a fresh start, and to try and make sure they didn't reach that
same point of pressure again. "Now we make sure that we keep control of everything; beforehand we
didn't even know some of the people working for us," Paul comments wryly.

WeKnowWhereYouLive relax between rehearsals by going ten pin
bowling. They are all on the wagon, so the story goes. "Bowling and coffee
are our drugs. We're the first Post-Psychiatric band," muses Paul,
"Bowling is fucking top," Ange interjects.

Back in May, the band embarked on their first tour. Paul told us, "We
wanted to try the songs live before we recorded anything, hence the first
tour. The response was encouraging, especially at Reading, where people
seemed into it from where we were." (I wonder how much Ange's flashing,
as he walked on stage in his kilt, had to do with getting the audience going,
but I don't ask!) Ange, are you looking forward to this second tour? "What
a strange question" was his reply.

WeKnowWhereYouLive's debut single was released recently on their
own label, Hatched Matched & Dispatched. Surely this is an expensive and
risky gamble, Paul? "We didn't want to work with Polydor anymore, so
having our own label seemed a way of releasing something so the people
know what we're about. It's not as hard as record companies would have
you believe," he replies. "And we're fat, ugly, old, bitter, grey," adds Ange.

Some people say that WeKnowWhereYouLive feel in competition with Miles Hunt's new band, Vent.
What would you say about that, Ange? "As I said before, it's like when you meet an ex girl/boyfriend. You
wonder who she/he is going out with, and is she/he better in bed than you are. Does she/he make she/he
laugh etc. Eventually the questions disappear, and become irrelevant."

Nearly every review or interview refers to their previous bands. It makes you wonder if they will ever be
free from their past lives.

Ange considers this. "Oh England, you tiny island. People
are fickle. We forget. Something better comes along. You
go abroad - no one knew Eat or The Wonder Stuff. We
will soon find out." On a more serious note he adds, "If
anything, you have to be so much better, 'coz the press will
be so much more critical." How do you feel about these
comparisons though? "We Know Where They Live" he

What does the future hold for WeKnowWhereYouLive?
Mega-stardom? Relative obscurity? Where Ange, do you
want to go with this band?
"Soundgarden will be asking for a support slot! - Give
yourself limitations and those limitations will be given to

The man has spoken - heed him well!