Garret Lee (vocals, guitar)
Josephmary (vocals)
Sid Rainey (bass)
Jan-Willem Alkema (drums)

One of my favourite bands ever and certainly the most interesting band I ever met (I did an interview with them for a paper in the early 90's, which I really must dig out, though I've a feeling I'll not like what I find interview wise!), Compulsion were a superb live act, tighter than a drum.
They had no massive hits, but both 'Basketcase' and 'Mall Monarchy' were amazingly close to being indie dancefloor smashes, I think they fell foul of the obsession with U.S. acts the U.K. had at the time, thanks to Mr. Cobain et al.
Style wise, razor sharp punk pop with clever lyrics and a neat line in singalong choruses should have propelled them further, but that's life!
The early singles are the best things to get, if you can find the two cd version of Comforter, go for it, if not, the "I like compulsion" compilation is well worthwhile, as is the second album.
Just added a test usual CONTACT ME for anything else.
- Edmund (Forgotten Band Planet)

Compulsion grew out of a Dublin neo-punk band called Thee Amazing Colossal Men. Singer Josephmary, guitarist Garrett Lee, and bassist Sid Rainey had a deal with Virgin that resulted in their winning a lawsuit against the label, after which they regrouped as Compulsion in London with Dutch drummer Jan-Willem Alkema. The group went on welfare while honing its songwriting skills, releasing three EPs and a minor hit single, "Mall Monarchy." Their sound combines punk volume and aggression with pop melodies on releases like 1994's Comforter and 1996's Future Is Medium. -- Steve Huey, All-Music Guide

Entertainment Weekly review of Comforter (7/8/94, p.57)

"...this London band's strong suit is careening, sinewy guitar assaults, buoying a lyrical demeanor that's both strident and cheeky..."
Raiting: A-


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