Sale Of The Century
Krunch! Records, August '94
Need A Copy

A.Sale Of The Century

Not heard these versions yet, so not sure what they're like, but both tracks crop up on Downlift the uptrodden, one for the collectors I should think.

Krunch! Records, February '95
Need A Copy


Again, both tracks are on the 1st album, so unless they're wildly different, one for the collectors.

7" and CD single
Infectious, October '95
Infect25s / Infect25cd

3.Give 'em what they want
7" backed with Give 'em what they want only.

The first single "proper", and it's a great one, though, as with the two single on Krunch, I should point out tracks one and two are on the 1st album.
And, if we're being honest, whilst "Give em what.." is a decent enough B, is it good enough to warrant a purchase? Not on it's own, not really.

7" and CD single
Infectious, February 96
Infect29s / Infect29cd.

Cable - Seventy
2.Sports Cars And Devil Worship
3.Dead Wood For Green
7" backed with Sports cars and devil worship.

From the live bootlegs I have from the time, Cable would open most of their live shows with Seventy, I get the feeling it was a bit of a mission statement song for the time. And it is, to be fair, excellent.
A quiet spoken vocal intro bursting into a solidly riffed guitar fest. Great.
Again, though, this is on "Downlift The Uptrodden", as is the brilliant "Dead Wood For Green", which means the only non lp track is "Sports cars and devil worship".
This time, however, I'd almost be inclined to say it's worth getting the single for.
With every track here being so good, it feels a little odd to say it's not worthwhile, but, certainly, this was a great three track single.

(split ltd edition 7" shared with Groop Dogdrill. Given
away free at gigs, 500 only. (No catalogue number.)
Need A Copy
Choice 7
1.CABLE - Choice
2. GROOP DOGDRILL - Salt Peter

Thanks to John for the scan.
Don't own this myself, so can only point out that Groop Dogdrill were rather ace live and that Choice is on the 1st lp!

Whisper Firing Line
7" blue vinyl and CD single
Infectious, September 96
Cable - Whisper Firing Line
1.whisper FIRING LINE
3.murdering SPREE (ELEVATED)
7" backed with can't FIND MY WAY HOME

Belter of a lead track, and, as far as I know, the first single to feature new boy, Richie Mills, on drums.
This is the first single that came from the second album, "When Animals Attack" and it's a big step on from the previous stuff, all multilayered dynamics and clever clever riffs. It is, however, a natural progression from Seventy in many ways, the template was there.
The b-sides are ok, can't FIND MY WAY HOME (It's written like that on the sleeve!), is defiantly b-side throwaway stuff, murdering SPREE better, more like a jam with vocals slapped on toward the end.
So, historically, a great moment, as a single to own...not so hot.

Blue Birds Are Blue
Gatefold 7", blue vinyl 7" and CD single.
Infectious, Released March 97
Infect36s / Infect36cd.
Cable - Bluebirds Are Blue
1.Blue Birds Are Blue
2.Horse Drawn And Quartered
3. Action Replay Replay
4. The Clairvoyant
7" Backed with Apparently and Action Replay Replay

A four track single. A rarity today, but an indication a band were on form and able to put out a decent amount of material in the mid 90's!
To give an indication of how good the b-sides are, "Action Replay Replay" was used in a peel session (you can find that version on a 'Lost Treasures' Select tape...well you could then), generally, bands did that with decent lp quality tracks at the time.
This is a cracker of an EP, all four tracks offering something different. The lead tracks a chorus driven stormer, 'horse drawn..' is a straight forward rock tracks, probably the ep's weakest. 'Action replay replay' is excellent, a slack jawed demonstration of the bands fugazi sounding power and 'The clairvoyant' is a slower and rather wonderfully put together ep closer.
Great single.

Freeze the atlantic.
Gatefold 7", etched clear vinyl7" and CD
Infectious, Released June 97
Infect38s / Infect38sx / Infect38cd.
Cable - Freeze The Atlantic
1.Freeze The Atlantic
2.The (We Did The Music For The Sprite Ad) Blues
3.Ring Of Fire
Gatefold 7" backed with The (we did the music for the Sprite
ad) blues.
Etched 7" featured Ring of fire on same side.

By this time Cable had, as the track says, "done the music for a sprite ad". Just in case Sprite disappears, it's basically Lemonade/7Up.
So sue me.
I'm not entirely sure which tune they used for it, but there we go, I have my suspisions it may have been "The (we did the music for the sprite ad) blues, confusingly. Anyone know? Mail me, but for now, on to the single!
(I got a mail from Paul Neale who said the music used in the Sprite Ad was acually "Freeze the atlantic"!)
Freeze The Atlantic was an indication of Cable really hitting their stride, confident basslines, drumming really starting to show it's quality, edges of backing vocals turning up, classy middle eights...
'Sprite Ad' is dark, muffled vocals over minimal guitars and drums, Kicks off to a point two minutes in, but is rather straight forward. Odd and rather throwaway, more like the Cable b-sides of old.
'Ring Of Fire' is ace, a cover of the Johnny Cash track, obviously, it's as good as the version found on the live Brixton prison album.

Live At Brixton Prison
Infectious, Released 29th September 1997
Cable - Live At Brixton Prison EP
1.Ultra Violet
2.Blue Birds Are Blue
3.Ring Of Fire
5.San Quentin

A live ep recorded at (guess what!) Brixton prison on January the 8th 1997.
Aren't prison gigs odd.
This is great, though, a document of a live band on storming form.
Ok, the oxford sound city boot is better, but this is well worthwhile.

Freeze The Atlantic Remix
Cable - Freeze The Atlantic Supercharger Promo
A supercharger remix of "Freeze The Atlantic" backing the next single (and my personal favourite) "God Gave Me Gravity".
I can't help feeling that the remix is utterly unnecessary, but record companies have a habit of turning these things out to appeal to different markets (dance in this case, and unsuccessfully).
On an odd note, the version of "God gave me gravity" here is a radio edit, loses lots of the nice riffs and is rather inferior.
Collectors only. Nice case though.

God Gave Me Gravity
Gatefold 7" and CD single.
Infectious, September 97
Cable - God Gave Me Gravity
1.God Gave Me Gravity
3.Electro Gazelle
4.Let's Merengue
7" backed with Electro Gazelle and Dinky simultaneously, pan speakers left or right to play either song.

My favourite Cable single, even if the b-sides can only pale in comparison.
Heard this on XFM at the time and went out and bought all the singles I'd missed, can't explain how great this single is!
The drumming here, by the way, is a tour de force.
B-sides, are decent, but overshadowed, "Dinky" is a one riff deal, nice chorus of 'Don't ask me how, but you're killing me now'.
Electro Gazelle sub lp track nothingness, Let's Merengue another song that sounds like a jam, this time sans vocals.
But that first track is so amazing, it's well worthwhile.
Last single from album 2!

Arthur Walker Promo
Infectious 1998
Arthur Walker Promo
1.Arthur Walker (Radio Edit)
2.Arthur Walker

Promo of the next single, collectors only.

Arthur Walker
Infectious, 1998

By this time, I think Cable were having run ins with the record label, it certainly didn't feel at the time as if they were being pushed as hard.
You'll also notice that, now that they are into album three, there's just the one b-side, which is a solid b, but compare this to when they were able to release 4 track eps and a couple of months later, singles with remixes and 3 b-sides..
What's mystifying is that, the singles so great!
Catchy, great chorus...makes no sense unless it's politics why the band were being pushed less hard...
Apparently, there's a video floating around for this single, anyone got a copy?

Honolulu Promo

1.Album Version
2.Single Version

Not sure is honolulu made it out as a 'proper' single, this is a two track promo and that's all I could find.
It's ace, of course, but on the album


Down Lift The Up-Trodden
8 track mini LP on CD and ltd edition
10" vinyl
Infectious, March 96
Infect32lp / Infect32cd.
Rereleased With Extra Tracks
Cable - Down Lift The Up Trodden
1.New set of Bruises
6.Murdering Spree
7. Sale of the century
9.Give em what they want (re-release only)
10.Dead wood for green (re-release only)

You have to love the "John Mayall, Blue Breakers" 'influenced' front cover.
Superb, anyway, what we have here is a really great snapshot of early Cable.
As you'll have noticed if you waded through the singles, this is basically every track from the first four or five singles laid out end to end.
And is it great? Well, it's refelective of the band at the time certainly.
Neil Cooper was the drummer at this point, so a lot of the more complicated and multi layered drumming that would come into play when Richie Mills would take over isn't there, but songs like "Oubliette" actually benefit a little from a more straight forward approach, so it's swings and roundabouts.
Personally, if you want an introduction to Cable, I'd start with "When Animals Attack", then come back to this, as it makes more sense, but this was the first album by them I heard and I loved it dearly, take from that what you will.

Soundbites (from When Animals Attack.)
(5 track clear promo CD for
the forthcoming full length album. INFECT35CDP. 1997
With individual bite marks.

Track listing: Souvenir/ Bluebirds
are Blue/ Signature Tune/ Freeze The Atlantic/ Ultra Violet.

When Animals Attack
11 tracks. Ltd edition gatefold CD, CD and
12" vinyl LP
Infectious, Released May 97
Infect35cdx/ Infect35cd/Infect35lp.
Cable - When Animals Attack
1. Souvenir
2. Blue Birds Are Blue
3. Signature Tune
4. Freeze The Atlantic
5. Ultra Violet
6. I'm Always Right
7. The Colder Climate
8. Whisper Firing Line
9. God Gave Me Gravity
10. From Here You Can See Yourself
11. Do The Tube

One of my favourite five albums ever.
Stunning instrumentals like "Ultra Violet", great singles like "God Gave Me Gravity"...
Just chock a block full of great, brilliantly executed tracks one after another.
Buy it.

Sublingual Promo
Infectious, 1998

1.Arthur Walker
2.Pocket Promise
4.Hexagon Eye

Great selection of tracks from the last lp.
Collectors only.

Release Date: 05/17/1999
Infectious records (INFECT058CD)
Upc Number: 5026854005829
November 1998
Cable - Sublingual
1. Song 1
2. Arthur Walker
3. Pocket Promise
4. Hexagon Eye
5. Honolulu
6. Brothers and Sisters
7. Widower
8. Land Speed Record
9. Yesturday on the Horizon
10. Autobahn Head
11. Comprendez?

The last Cable album, and absolutely brilliant, superb tunes like "Brothers and sisters" and "Yesterday on the horizon" showing a pop nouse that would have led them on to greater things.
But, as I mentioned before, record company tensions seem to have been running high and this was released with little fanfare.
If you see it though, buy it!

From Here You Can See Yourself
November 1997
Cable - From Here You Can See Yourself
01. Seventy
02. Brothers and Sisters
03. Honolulu
04. Freeze The Atlantic
05. Hexagon Eye
06. Ultra Violet
07. Arthur Walker
08. God Gave Me Gravity
09. Oubliette
10. Whisper Firing Line
11. Blue Birds Are Blue
12. Comprendez?
13. Can't Find My Way Home (Hidden Bonus Track)

Thanks to Paul Neale who writes:
'From Here You Can See Yourself' is a compilation of tracks from other
albums, apart from 'Oubliette' which is an Andy Sneap radio session.  It
also has a hidden track 'Can't Find My Way Home'.

And thanks ever so much to John at Unlabel for the help!

Tour Cd
Need A Copy
Cable Tour CdCable Tour Cd Pic 2
1.CHINA DRUM - Amber (Trinity Heights)
2.CABLE - Souvenir
3.CARRIE - Friend
Thanks again to Paul for the info and pictures!

UK Release Dates

Release Date
Sale Of The Century August 1994
Seventy February 1995
Blindman October 1995
(Re-release) February 1996
Down Lift The Up-Trodden March 1996
Whisper Firing Line September 1996
Blue Birds Are Blue March 1997
When Animals Attack May 1997
Freeze The Atlantic June 1997
God Gave Me Gravity September 1997

Edmund: This discography was originally done by Alan At Whirlnet, who in turn thanked Pete for this discography.
I've added some things and tidied up as I went along, but it was Alan's work in the first place!

Peel And Radio One Sessions

Cable 1st
First broadcast 25/11/94
Give them what they want
Sports car and devil worship
Deadwood for green
Alice (Oubliette)

25/8/95: recorded at Reading (originally scheduled for broadcast 26/8/95)
Recorded 24/8/95
Sale of the century
Er... untitled new song

Cable 2nd
First broadcast 24/2/96
Action Replay Replay
Whisper Firing Line
The Colder Climate

Cable 3rd
First broadcast 3/6/97
Freeze the Atlantic
The (we did the music for the sprite ad) blues
Ring of fire (Johnny Cash cover)

29/10/97: live at Oxford Sound City Peel/Lamacq

Cable 4th
First broadcast 20/5/98
Richie Mills: drums
Pete Darrington: bass
Matt Bagguley: guitar, vocals
Darius Hinks: guitar
Hexagon Eye
A ball is a ball whichever way you look at it