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Bennet Lineup:
Jonny Peer - Vocals, Guitar
Jason Applin - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Kevin Moorey - Drums
Andy Bennett - Bass

Bennet Band Shot
Kind of a cheeky cockney sounding band, oft compared to Blur.
They had a hit with "Mum's Gone To Iceland", but what with one thing and another (record companies included), they split up, amicably...
Certainly they were on of the best live bands I've seen, and their songs, whilst sometimes a tad silly, were great, funny pop! A shame, then........


Found out that Bennet reformed for some last gigs!

Sadly, missed them all.


(April 2007):
Got this note from Bird Rosemary.
"Just came across your Bennet may be interested to know that Jason Applin is in a new band now, of which Johnny Peer and Kev Moorey (and Moorey’s wife) are involved.
Called The Head Club:"

(December 2004):
Got this note from Sid....

"Hello there,
Having found your 'Bennet' fan site on the net I thought you might like to know that Kevin from 'Bennet's new band 'The Poppycocks' are playing at the West End Centre in Aldershot on Friday 14th January 2005.
They will be first on with my band 'Wherewithal' ( on in the middle and a band called 'Vinny Peculiar' ( who feature Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce from 'The Smiths' headlining.

All the best,
Sid (Wherewithal)

(August 2003):
Kevin mailed me to tell me he's now in a new band in Brighton called the Poppycocks, recording soon!
I didn't hear anything after that until December 2004...

(January 2001):
Got e-mailed by Nick from Labrador,
apparently Andy And Kev have formed a new band called
The Chemistry Set.
They had an mp3 at:
But I can't find the files.....

Here's some stuff I found on the web, loads of it nicked from sites that had half crashed....

Hailing from Reading in the south of Britain, 4-piece bennet formed in the summer of 1993. They spent their days writing, rehearsing and playing gigs in the area. Having finally found their "sound", they signed a deal with Roadrunner Records in 1995.

In the UK the band released their debut single "If You Met Me, Then You'd Like Me" in March 1996, which charted in the Independent Top 10. In May ‘96 their second single, "Colossal Man" again charted and saw the band touring with the likes of Number One Cup, Pusherman and Supermodel. bennet was also approached by the Fierce Panda label to do a joint single with Bis and Number One Cup. Over the summer, bennet played to a packed tent at the Reading Festival and had their first John Peel session. Whilst at Radio 1, the band asked to have their photograph taken with the man himself, to which he responded "Yes, of course, then I can get a copy and show people when you're famous." John Peel has continued to be a big fan of the band, playing at least one bennet track a week. With their third single "Someone Always Gets There First", the band made their first video with the aid of an ultra-fashionable accessory, the Sumo wrestler suit, which they sported while chasing a woman across a beach! The Evening Session made it the Priority Tune of the week and set the band up nicely for the release of their debut album Super natural. Reviews were more than encouraging and included the following comments: "I'd even rate Applin alongside the likes of Jarvis in the . . . league of lyricists . . . this is a fine debut." - Time Out "Guitar pop with a pert sense of humour." - Top of The Pops Magazine "What an unutterably superb record!" - NME The next few months will see bennet playing their biggest headline show at the London Garage, supporting Dodgy in Europe and organising some extra special Christmas shows. Someone editorialising....(not me,,):

12/11/97 New album "Street vs Science" and single of same name.
NME didn't like it, but what do they know? Reading Festival 1997, Jason Aplin announces drummer is leaving. Amicable split. They've been dropped, I think. Nobody brought Street vs Science, and they've been dropped. Shame, as they were a good band. They could have been Blur if Blur weren't already Blur. Ah well. Kind of makes this part of the site a little accademic, though, doesn't it?

The last gig, just before Street Versus Science came out, was at the Dublin Castle, Kings Cross....

Dominic sent me some information:
I've dug out my old tapes of the era 1994-1998 when I used to tape record The Evening Session, Radcliffe and Peel and I've definitely got a Peel Session you haven't mentioned with decent versions of Airhockey, Married with Children and another. I'll dig out dates if you show any interest. Also, I think I was at the Bennet gig at exeter uni so may be able to get the correct date and I was definitely at a Longpigs gig in a pub in Torquay around the time of Jesus Christ.

Always liked Bennet. Particularly remember a gig at the Exeter Cavern Club when the singer kept going on about how KISS were his favourite band & everyone thought he was taking the mick. Incidentally, I was listening to one of the tapes in the car today & Peel played 'Karaoke' which was probably from the same session"

Graham says the gigs he knows of are:
"Autumn 95 - Either the Barfly or Monarch - they did an encore of Mockney Rebel though it had a different name.
February 96 at the Reading Alleycat
May 96 at the Borderline - they covered a Number One Cup song having toured with them in February
August 96 at the Virgin Megastore over Reading Festival Weekend
December 96 - Christmas gig at the monarch, they did a punk version of White Christmas which was quality!
March 97 Reading University supporting My Life Story, same tour as the Radio 1 live stuff"

And he went to these:
"1. Reading Festival 95, opened the second stage having won a local band competition. First I'd ever heard of them and they were a breath of fresh air.
2. Camden Underworld December 95, support for Mega City Four
3. The Garage Feb 96, support for Number One Cup
4. Reading Alleycat Feb 96 (night after) support for Number One Cup
5. London Borderline May 96 headline show. First time I heard them play Polka and they covered Malcolm's X-ray picnic by Number One Cup
6. Bracknell South Hill Arts Centre May 96, headlined above Chuck, The Hairy Things and Pallet.
7. Reading Virgin Shop, August 96 In-store appearance. Rocket From The Crypt had played the night before. They got this gig because Jason worked in the shop.
8. Reading 96, Third Stage, only bennet show I've ever seen anybody try to crowd surf.
9. London Astoria Sept 96 Support to Carter USM
10. Reading Alleycat Sept 96 (night after)
11. London Monarch Sept 96 (the one you have photos of)
12. The Garage Oct 96 support from The Sweeney (now they were a good band)
Official bootleg tape given out
13. London Monarch, Dec 96, Christmas show and gave out Christmas single 'I am your Christmas robot'
14. Reading Alleycat, Dec 96 (night after)
15. Camden Dingwalls, Feb 97
16. Reading University, March 97 supporting My Life Story
17. London LA2 May 97 Biggest headline show so far as I know
18. Staines Town Hall, May 97 random festival with bennet headlining.
19. London 100 Club, June 97, Number One Cup supported before they toured with Uresei Yatsura
20. London Falcon (old Barfly) June 97
21. Walthamstow Theatre, July 97, most random show ever in a place that looked like a church hall. Lots of 'locals' started a mosh.
22. Reading Festival 97, fifth on second stage, last show with Kevin Moorey on drums
23. London Falcon Sept 97, 1st Album set
24. London Water Rats Sept 97 2nd Album set, Streets vs Science album sampler given out
25. London Astoria Dec 97 Support to Echobelly, last time I saw them play.
The only time I left a bennet show disappointed. Their heart wasn't in it
that night, the tour wasn't going well and manager Paul said as much."


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