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February 2009

Still getting ads in the NME!


October/November 2008

I've updated the setlists - and am about to start adding some photos from the club.
Bit of a rod for my own back - as I made the lovely gallery page non-editable - so I'll be sorting that out soon.
Now confirmed in a monthly slot at Club NME (official! Woo!) - though the myspace page never gets a look in!

So come and see me. I'll paste in the adverts as they appear. And try and remember to add dates.

Club NME Ad Sept 08

September 2008

Still doing the monthly Club NMEs!

August 2008

V Festival - Stage 2

Reading Festival - Various Stages

March/April 2008

Monthly Club NME's!

December 2007

Still Club NME!

October 2007

Another club nme and now - setlists from last months gigs!

September 2007

Did a couple of nights in Maidstone and looking forward to some more gigs in October, will post as I:
a) get a chance
b) remember!

Mail me for details if you can't wait for the inevitable slow updates....

July/August 2007

Do I update this enough?
But thanks for bearing with me!
Ok, been a good couple of months. Done Club NME, International Hi Fi, Cheapskates!
International Hi Fi is moving again, more details ASAP!

April - May 2007
Been playing Cheapskates/International Hi Fi Monthly and we're moving to fortnightly from June at International Hi Fi!
June 9th is the first fortnightly week.

March 2007
Indeed, more here very soon!

Feb 2007
International Hi Fi Is Back!
Yup, All Details here:
we’re back... in a new venue... saturday 24th feb ‘07 10pm ‘til 3am @ the cedar room [235 upper street, london, n5 - highbury tube]
our saturdays just weren’t the same without international hi-fi... so when the cedar room asked us if we’d like to take a monthly slot at their really-rather-smart bar, just around the corner from the garage, we said “yes, when do we start?” - the answer to which is... this saturday!

so come and join djs john downfall and ed the saint (don’t worry, black knight will be along on sat 24 mar) for an updated selection of guitar-based, radio-friendly unit-shifters... there’s the main room to dance in and a smaller upstairs bar, with sofas, to lounge about in.

we’ve managed a bit of a coup on the drinks, too - bottles are £3, draught beer is £3, whisky or vodka plus mixer is £2.50, flavoured vodka shots are a mere £2 and... drum roll, please... a specially-created “international hi-fi cocktail” will be £4.50. and here’s how cheap the entry is: £3 members (with cards - all old ones still valid) £3 if you text hifi to 60300 even on saturday * £3 if you become our myspace “friend” and send us a message (with your names for the list) £5 with nothing
See you there!

Jan 2007
Starting a run at Subsonic - Saturdays in Chatham, Kent (Tap N' Tin)
And in February will be starting Subsonic Fridays in Telford.
More details as soon as I get them..


Positively 4th Street!
Near Warren Street Tube, 9-3am.

18th October - LATE UPDATE
will be dj-ing at Cheapskates tonight
17 greek street!

13 October :
Still waiting for news of International Hi-Fi. The Garage apparently will be closed until at least early November, so we're rehousing!
Keep an eye on the page for updates!

28th August :
Thanks ever so much to everyone who came along!
In the end, was rebooked at the last minute for Club NME as opposed to ULU, so sorry to anyone who went along, but sure you enjoyed DJ Downfall!
333's was a blast!
Now, just waiting for news of the exact date for the Garage re-opening and going on holiday for a couple of weeks.
More news soon!

Three gigs for August, whilst the Garage is being refurbished:
Islington Academy (Friday, August 11th), ULU (18th), 333's (Saturday, August 19th)

03 July 2006
Well, the garage is closing in 2 weeks for a couple of months of renovation.
We're hoping to do a special "International Hi Fi Vs.." night series.
Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

04 June 2006
Did club nme last week, excellent stuff.

02 May 2006
Still rocking along as usual, apologies for the lack of updates recently, will add as I go!

Upcoming shows:
Garage 13/05/06
Club NME 19/05/06
Garage 27/05/06

Thanks to everyone for coming down!
A thousand apologies for not playing Interpol all the sooner!

Easter Special!
14th April 2006

Great night at KOKO,
3 bands on, pretty cool!

And the GALLERY has been updated..

(01/01/2006) NYE At The Garage
A blinder, hour up to midnight, excellent crowd!
Thanks to everyone! Hopefully I'll be popping some photos up soon!

Faves of 2005

Editors - Great band, their new cover of French Disko is ace!

Magic Numbers - Superb album.

We Are Scientists - Best sense of humour I've yet found, great singles, next album should be ace (warning, 1st album decent but not spectacular)

The Rakes - again, superb singles, album not quite as good as they will be!

Bloc Party - A great album, nice angular riffs and, well, just superb!

26th October 2005
DOWN LOADED, the compilation album I worked on, is out!
It's in all good record shops this week!
Have a look at the website HERE



End 2006

1. Larrikin Love - Well Love Does Furnish A Love

2. Noisettes - Don't Give Up

3. Young Knives – Mystic Energy

4. Maccabees – X-Ray (Filthy Dukes Edit Confusingly Re-Edited By Ed The Saint)

5. Css (Cansei de ser sexy) – Off The Hook

6. Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Remix)

7. New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream (Edit)

8. Pull Tiger Tail - Mr. 100 Percent

9. New Order – Blue Monday (Ed The Saint Re-edit)

10. North Shore Pony Club – Computer Games

11. Clash – London Calling

12. Modeselektor - Dancingbox

13. Maccabees - First Love

August 2006

1.METRIC - Monster Hospital

The new Breeders, superb tune from a superb album, catchier than the plague and bouncier than a space hopper.

2.THE YOUNG KNIVES - Weekends And Bleak Days

Still smarting from the soundness of their last gig and this is a summer cracker.

3.CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above

Ok, minus 10 for being clever clever and having a trendy band name in the title, but plus several hundred for the great tune.

4.RAPTURE - Get Myself Into It

Funky, funky, funky. Just when you thought they couldn't do another 'House Of Jealous Lovers' they surpass it.

5.I'M FROM BARCELONA - We’re From Barcelona

Swedish singalong indie for the summer months..

May 2006

1.MILBURN - Send In The Boys

Smarter than the average bear style tune from the Milburn lads, was liking "Storm In A Teacup", love this too.

2.HOT CHIP - Over and Over

Slow on the uptake with this one, took the remix and some repeated play to get it through my thick skull and it's now not moving from a set fixture.


Ok, their name is either genius or staggeringly bad, but that doesn't stop this track from the "New British Invasion" compilation being a great companion piece to the Milburn track!

4.SONS AND DAUGHTERS - Dance Me In (Optimo Remix)

Been out a while, but re-released and getting damn good results..

5.YOUNG KNIVES - Here Comes The Rumour Mill

It stays in the early slots due to the oh so clever timing changes, so many people seem to like it though, myself included, that I play it and play it and play it and.....

Current Chart March 2005:

1.SUBWAYS - With You

Amazingly danceable tune, really shockingly catchy too...

2.WE ARE SCIENTISTS - The Great Escape

The humour, the tunes, the humour, the tunes....

3. MILBURN - Storm In A Teacup

Great tune, all ska-ey basslines and summer fun. In Autumn.

4.EDITORS - Munich

Anyone not think editors are amazing? No? Thought not?

5.RAKES - Retreat

Great band, prefer this to 22 Grand job

6.ARCTIC MONKEYS - Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

Superb band, this is going to go up and up...

(Ed The Saint - Sound Radio 1503 Am, Saturdays 1-2)
(International Hi Fi, Saturdays, Garage - Highbury And Islington, London)


2006 - New Top 5's can be found here

December 2005 - NYE At The Garage
A blinder, hour up to midnight, excellent crowd!

Faves of 2005

Editors - Great band, their new cover of French Disko is ace!

Magic Numbers - Superb album.

We Are Scientists - Best sense of humour I've yet found, great singles, next album should be ace (warning, 1st album decent but not spectacular)

The Rakes - again, superb singles, album not quite as good as they will be!

Bloc Party - A great album, nice angular riffs and, well, just superb!

Old Faves Lists:
April 2005:

1.EDITORS - Munich
Brilliant, like a UK Interpol. Top gig at the Garage.

2.BATTLE - Isabelle
Excellent stuff. And a real prospect for decent tunes to come.

3.THE LITTLE FLAMES - Goodbye Little Rose
Reminded me of Salad. The band Salad? No? You should....

4.BE YOUR OWN PET - Damn Damn Leash
Shouty female vocals...excellent!

And, here's a less new faves list:
March 2005:


And, this is a great song and a hit....
Hang on, am I starting to like music that actually has a following?
...Nah, couldn't happen!

2.MAXIMO PARK - Apply Some Pressure

Great, Futureheads style stuff, great band.

3.LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

Top notch indie dance track. Which, let's face it, is rare these days

4.BLOC PARTY - Positive Tension

Best track off the fantastic album, with amazing drumming....
I'm such a muso.

5.UGLY DUCKLING - Somethings Going Down Tonight

Top Pop/Hip Hop B-side. And there's not many tracks you can say that about...

Top 5s from the last year...sets at the base!

December 2004

1.FUTUREHEADS - Meantime

2.FRANZIE BOYS - Matinee Letter


4.KINGS OF LEON - Four Kicks


Charts - September 2004

No comments with this lot...just keeping me hand in!

Ugly Duckling - Somethings Going Down Tonight

Futureheads - Decent Days And Nights

Mclusky - She Will Only Bring You Happiness

Quantic - Terrapin

Mcsleazy - Franzie Boys

December 2003

Well, as it's the end of the year (and as I am clearly rubbish at changing my pages reguarly), here's my chart for 2003!

1.MCLUSKY - There Ain't No Fool In Ferguson

Yes, it can't be played mid set as no one knows it. Except one punter per week.
No I don't care, it's a superb track from a superb band, whose album I can't wait for.

2.JET - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Whilst the album hasn't grabbed me in anything like the same way, the single is a dancefloor filler of massive proportions...so much so it's having that House Of Pain crossover thing happening to it...advert, dance club 'ironic' plays...

3.KINGS OF LEON - Mollys Chambers

Yup, released about 90 times (alright, 3 or whatever..god..), but still a stormer of a dancefloor single from a very cool LP.

4.MC PITMAN - The Pitman And Her

Album track from an actually funny album. That's actually funny. Not pretend funny.
Or 'hilarious'. Funny.
It features the line "I was looking through a selection of damaged tins".
And it's still great.


Good grief. A good new band. A brilliant new band.
With a good single.
God. Help. Us. All.
What next? 2 decent telly programmes on at the same time...
Them were the days...

Well, I'll add more if I get time.
Which I won't, but you knew that...

Still (May 2004), there's always hope!

Just to add, been doing ULU and have, so far been dead impressed with 2004's indie!
Decent albums by Ash, Moz, the new Mclusky one's got some great tracks...
Oh and I added a photo done by my friend James!

And here are some old set lists...just in case you wonder what someone playing for the floor to get going does at indie clubs these days! (NOTE: It's just a start! Full (and proper) set lists will be added soon!)




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