Edmund Hornsby At Forgotten Band Planet
The Author - Edmund Hornsby

Edmund is, amongst other things, a DJ on the side and, to some extent, in the middle.
Around 1997, he decided to learn about websites and so, being a fan of indie music, he made a 'first site'.
It's still here. It's still not finished. It's still very old tech.

Edmund started rehousing "The Forgotten Band Planet" as "Bandplanet" around 2003. Technically, he's still doing it now.

Which may explain why it looks like this.

He comes from the suburbs of London, then moved into London, now lives in the suburbs.
Which probably isn't a coincidence.

As a DJ he played many place across the UK including:
The Garage (Highbury And Islington)
Reading Alleycat
Koko/Club NME (Camden Palace) (From 2006 Until 2016)
The Barfly (Camden - also known as the Monarch and Cardiff)

and many many more places he can't remember.

These days he does something called 'Common People' - playing 90's Indie like he did when he started.

His DJ name is Ed The Saint (rather than Edmund Hornsby, or Edmund Supermarket) in around 2000 when, during his first stints on the Rough Guide radio show, his co-presenter said when he dj-ed he "Never did anything wrong" and started calling him "The Saint".

(He has done things wrong DJ-ing, but it stuck)

He created (in conjunction with the lovely people at Push 45 Records) the "Down Loaded" album in 2005, which at the time looked like a snapshot of the music scene in 2006.
Which was probably a good thing.....

And he will Dj anywhere, any time for anyone.

So there you go.

Enjoy the site.