Edmund Hornsby At Forgotten Band Planet
The Author - Edmund Hornsby

Edmund has been dj-ing for the best part of a decade and started this page as a test website to learn about such things about 1997.
He never gets round to finishing it.

He started rehousing The Forgotten Band Planet as Bandplanet in around 2003 and does the whole damn thing himself.

Which explains why there's no flash.

He finds it deeply irritating that he can't change the "Guide To London Record Stores" he emailed to some tourist about 1998, which now comes up as a super high link in Google, and he remade it here, updated to remove the highly personal (and these days dated) comments he made at the time.
Of course - he hasn't managed to upload the photos he took a year ago.

He comes from the suburbs, but has lived in London for about the same decade he's DJ-ed in.
Which probably isn't a coincidence.

Clubs he's Dj-ed in include -
The Garage (Highbury And Islington)
Reading Alleycat
Koko/Club NME (Also when it was Camden Palace) (Which he still does monthly)
The Barfly (also when it was the Monarch)

and about a million other pubs and clubs,

He started using Ed The Saint (rather than Edmund Hornsby, or Edmund Supermarket) about 3 years back, when, during his first stints on the Rough Guide radio show, his co-presenter said when he dj-ed he "Never did anything wrong" and started calling him "The Saint".

And so you get "Ed The Saint" or "DJ Ed the Saint"

and, to try and drag those weblinks in and get some more Dj work, he started putting " Page created by Edmund Hornsby" at the end of the page.

He created (in conjunction with the lovely people at Push 45 Records) the "Down Loaded" album in 2005, which appears to look like a snapshot of the music scene in 2006.
Which is probably a good thing.....

And he will Dj anywhere, any time for anyone.

So there you go.