Breakfast Of Champions - Band Biographies

FRANCIS - Guitar

Fave Colour Turquoise

Fave Bands Pixies, Camper Van Beethoven, No Means No

Hobbies Sarcasm, Guitar Noodling, Verbal Windage

Accent Still Canadian

Eyes Blue And Twinkley

Hair Yes

Former Jobs Child, Cook, Painter, Destruction (Opposite Of Construction), Busking, Book Seller, Info Booth Worker, Smartass (Volunteer)

Fave Guitars Fender Stratocaster, Martin Acoustics

1 st Record Purchased Uncle Bob and Archies Xmas Songs

Likes To Drone On About Volcanoes, Winnipeg

Fave Short Story When He Came Home, The Dinosaur Was Still There


Edmund - Bass/Vocals

Name - edmund hornsby

Height - 6 foot

Reason for hair - unknown

Number of records owned - lots

Favourite album - changes weekly, usually between a pixies one and a cable (uk) one

Bands that he's liked and cursed out of existence by liking - compulsion, belltower, bennet, becketts, cable, done lying down...there'll probably be more

Favorite cheese - eementalle

Most absent skill - spelling of cheeses

Bands he wishes he could like in order to curse them out of existence - stereophonics, manic street preachers, coldplay and anything the swine cowell likes.

Songs he plays when dj-ing that the crowd rarely go for, much to his bemusement - cake 'never there', eels 'souljacker', james brown 'give it up or turnit loose (remix)'...there are others

Favourite book - spike milligan 'mussolini and my part in his downfall'

Interesting facts - can't do judo due to overly flexible arms

Planet of original - let's face it, saturn. Or whatever planet stretch armstrong came from.

Catchphrase - 'oh, good grief' (and rightly so)

Mark - Guitar

Mark Arends

D.o.b - 18/1/82

Place of birth - liverpool

Joined band - y2k

Role within band - youth and general guitar noise

Favourite bands - The beatles, r.e.m., the pixies, smashing pumpkins, green day

Favourite guitar - les paul standard

Previous band - dionysus (1998-2000 r.I.p.)

Likes - tea, chocolate, football, star wars, guitar based music

Dislikes - milk, marmite, cricket, real wars, non guitar based music

Dell has yet to supply one...