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Comforter (Interscope/One Little Indian)
Vinyl/CD/Ltd 2CD (Includes 1st 2 EPS)
TPLP59CDL (28/03/1994)

UK Version
(Thanks to Steve Hough for pointing the differences out)
3.Mall Monarchy
5.Late Again
6.Air Raid For The Neighbours
7.Yancy Dangerfield's Delusions
9.I Am John's Brain
10.Bad Cooking
11.Dick, Dale, Rick And Ricky
13.Oh My Fool Life
14.Jean Could Be Wrong

US Version
3.Mall Monarchy
5.Late Again
6.Air-Raid For the Neighbors
7.Why Do We Care?
8.Yancy Dangerfield's Delusions
10.I am John's Brain
12.Dick, Dale, Rick and Ricky
14.Oh My Fool Life
15.Jean Could Be Wrong

The UK release of Comforter also includes a track called Bad Cooking.
There was a limited edition of this album with a second CD of the first two singles...
1. Final Time
2. Rapejacket
3. Easterman
4. Ninefourth
5. Purring Not Laughing
6. Accident Ahead
7. Yabba Yabba Yes Yes Yes
8. Crying
9. How Do I Breath?
10. Here Comes Ambrose Beasley
11. Security

With the extra CD, an essential purchase, as the first 2 singles were ace, as are songs such as "Air Raid for the neighbours"  on this album...not to be missed all round actually...

Since I first posted this site, I've had various mails from people, mostly to the effect that Comforter was a bit weak compared to the innovation of TFIM, I personally think that, especially with the second CD, it's a great and powerful records, albeit with a few inferior tracks.

The Future is Medium (One Little Indian)

TPLP79CD (27/06/1996)

1. All We Heard Was a Dull Thud
2. Question Time For the Proles
3. Juvenile Scene Detective
4. It's Great
5. They're Breeding the Grey Things Again
6. Fast Songs
7. Western Culture Collector
8. Happy Monsters
9. Belly Laugh
10. Is This Efficient Living?
11. Down the Edifice
12. Happy Ending
13. Burst
14. Lost on Abbey Road
15. Spotlight Into Space
16. Me

An odd LP, slightly unbalanced, though when it's good it's very very good.....EG "They're breeding.." which should have been a single...

Again, since I posted this stuff in the late 90's, I've revised my opinion.
There are some superb tracks, 'Belly Laugh' is a current fave, thanks to my having listened to it repeatedly on the I Like Compulsion compilation and live from the Black Sessions.

I guess, at the end of the day, they're worth getting together! And, if you get Comforter without the extra CD, find the Hi Fi compilation!

EPs and Singles

Compulsion (Fabulon Recorders)
12" (FLON1201) 1992

1.Find Time
3.Purring Not Laughing

Stupendous songs on here, the first release Compulsion made, (except potentially the unseen 7" in the oddities section), a fine blast of raw punk pop...pick it up if you can..

Casserole (Fabulon Recorders)
12" (FLON1202) 1993

1.Accident Ahead
2.Yabba Yabba Yes Yes Yes
1.How Do I Breath?
2.Here Comes Ambrose Beasley

Unmisseable 12", with the following lyrics to Accident Ahead on the back....

"Looks like raw liver, her face, just get in the car and drive, he would have to explain it was just a remark, but the look on her face starts a laugh that started filling the world her face is twitching your mean just get in the car and drive he would love to explain it was just a remark but a laugh that began in his gut started filling the world and the night gets dark as the cars fly by and there hid between the earth and the sky he tries to look at her face again but the radio sends a laugh that started filling the world the world"

If you see one, buy it....

Safety EP (One Little Indian)
CDS/12"/Cassette (TPLP 49 MCD)

1.Why Do We Care
3.Joseph Engelheart
4.Pink And Forty Nine
5.Little Miss Whirlwind
6.Little Marks

Which seemed to me, at the time, to be a tad filler ish, though "Why Do We Care" is excellent....the 'B-sides' were inferior to the ones on Casserole though....

Mall Monarchy (One Little Indian)
CDS/Poster Pack 12"/Cassette (85tp7cd) (28/02/1994)

1.Mall Monarchy
2.A Little Mistake
4.F. Byron Farnsworth

The nearest the band ever got to a major hit!, A stunning floorfiller of an Indie single, with great lyrics, top punky sounding guitar..ahhh, what can I say, a classic..

Basketcase (One Little Indian)
CDS (95tp7cd) (06/06/1994)

3.Children Of Ausburg
4.Late Night TV

Similarly Brilliant single (the debaser that never was), with the equally excellent B-side "Late Night TV", top punk stuff and Compulsion on top form....

Question Time For The Proles (One Little Indian)
CDS (105TP7CD) (1996)

1.Question Time For The Proles

Second album single, top intelligent tunes, maybe lacking the urgency of Mall Monarchy, but still ace, and with an added sheen...

Juvenile Scene Detective (One Little Indian)
CDS (115TP7CD) (24/06/96)

1.Juvenile Scene Detective
2.Uniformity Is Go
3.Top Of The World
4.After You With That Pistol

Amazingly good single, especially as it was to be their last. This featured the brilliant "Top Of The World" (Which had previously appeared on a 'Volume' compilation and an Evening Session session). The lead track was strong, but really it was too late....the existence of remixes said it all...

12"*4 (115TP12ST) (or variants thereof) 1996

Howie B remix 12"
Graham Massey remix 12"
Scanner remix 12"
Static remix 12"

Juvenile Scene Detective - Reconstructions
(One Little Indian) 1996 115TP7CDL

1. Howie B's 7" Flesh Wound.
2. Howie B's Tribute To Mr. Laudanum.
3. Massey.
4. Scanner Flat Bed.
5. Static.

Each 12" featured one track.
The one pictured is the Static one, but they all had a similar look......
None of the remixes were exactly brilliant (my opinion, I'm no great fan of Howie B or Scanner et al), not for fans of a punky band anyway.
These days they have a novelty value, but little else, nice idea, wrong time.....
Chris e-mailed in about the CD, so thanks for that!


Hi-Fi (One Little Indian)
Need information

2.Accident Ahead
3.How Do I Breath?
4.A Little Mistake
5.Yabba Yabba Yes Yes Yes
6.Little Marks
7.Mall Monarchy
9.Pink & Forty Nine
11.Why Do We Care?

Basically the stuff that came with the limited edition of Comforter. Nice to have though,,,,
In Germany (according to Christian, who mailed me and sent the photo, thanks!), this came out before The Future Is Medium and was considered (and listed) as a new album.
It's great if you've not got the extra CD with the Comforter LP.

Boogie Woogie (Elektra)
1994, (66228-2)

1.Accident Ahead
3.Yabba Yabba Yes Yes Yes?
4.Why Do We Care?
5.Find Time

I'm still not quite sure what this was for, I'm assuming it's an American sampler.
All the tunes are the normal single versions from Casserole and the Compulsion EP, so it's presumably a US sampler.
The picture is of Charles Darwin.

Domestikon(Interscope/Atlantic) (PRCD5993)

1. Security
2. Delivery (LP Version)
3. Crying
4. Little Marks
5. Delivery (Guitar/Vocal Version)
6. Mail Monarchy (Original Mix)
7. Rapejacket (Guitar/Vocal Version)
8. Ninefourth
9. F. Byron Farnsworth
10. Domestique (New Recording)
11. Eating (New Recording)
12. Easterman
13. Why Do We Care? (LP Version)

Thanks to Scott Laval for the information on this, he says "It was released by Interscope/Atlantic with the boring atypical standard white back insert with black lettering. It has some cool stuff on it. It's all interspersed with parts of the band talking. Very cool collector's piece"
Erin told me about this CD too, "The label put out a promo disc they gave away at shows and to radio stations It contains a few songs from Comforter, Alternate Recordings of Eating and another track and a ton of U.K. bsides. The main thing about the cd that is really cool is that it is intermingled with interview segments with the band and them rattling on about the songs and music inbetween the songs. It's pretty cool but has no cover. it was just one of those back cover track listing things"

June 2002 (TPLP850CD)

1.Mall Monarchy
2.Belly Laugh
3.Accident Ahead
5.Juvenile Scene Detective
6.Yabba Yabba Yes Yes Yes
8.How Do I Breathe?
10.All We Heard Was A Dull Thud
11.Why Do We Care?
13.Question Time For The Proles
14.Western Culture Collector
15.Fast Songs
17.Jean Could Be Wrong

Brand new and available NOW! Compilation! Get it!
It's a best of! A great introduction!
I bought this the month it came out and it totally reminded me of the great songs spanning their career.
Even reintroduced me to "Belly Laugh" which I'd previously half-missed!


Ninefourth/How Do I Breathe (Frontier Records)

B.How Do I Breath?

I would presume just a 7" of the normal versions.
Erin mailed me about this :
"As for the Nineforth/How Do I Breathe" record. It is a picture 5" record released over here in the states. Makes no sense to me since the only other thing ever to get released over here is the comforter album and boogie woogie. I believe the recordings are different than the versions that wound up elsewhere, but the little thing sounds so incredibly shitty its hard to tell"
So maybe not worth getting.
Thanks to Peter Stanley for the scans. He also said
"They are different versions I think
but it's hard to tell, only the speed maybe and the
bass sound is different from what I can make out"

Eating Tour 7"(One Little Indian)
7"/CDS? (COMPUL1) 1994

B.Later With Gas

Cracking version of Eating and Later With Gas given away at a London gig and, according to Chris "I got my copy (and lost it!!) at Bradford Queens Hall. At that gig, it was only availible to fan club members who had recieved a special
postcard featuring the old man on the inside cover of the 'Basketcase' CD
It's a fantastic single, the versions are superb!

"By the way, do you know anything about the songs Compulsion released while
signed to Virgin Records? I only ever saw 1 song on a very obscure booklet CD that was availible in Our Price a long time ago"

I got another mail from Erin who said : "the song mentioned on virgin at the very bottom of your discography page is on a compilation called "volume 9". i think this was the last volume the label released and each one was a booklet/magazine that had a cd strapped into the back page featuring one song from each band in the book. sort of a precursor to the cmj music monthly magazines. anyway, ,the booklet has a half dozen pictures about compulsion and a pretty inept article about them and their music. anyway, the song on it the b-side called "top of the world" that is at least on the juvenile scene detective single."

Thanks very much, Erin!


Plan (Promo) (Interscope)

2.Find Time
3.A Little Mistake


Appears to be a US Promo release!
Thanks to whoever sent me these! I've lost the original mail!

Mall Monarchy Promo (Interscope/Atlantic)

1.Cd Rom Data
2.Mall Monarchy (album)
3.Mall Monarchy (Radio edit)

And thanks to Andreas for the scans of the mall monarchy promo and domestikon!

Anything else, mail me!

A new mail (August 2004) from Jan:

" the old man on the Basketcase inner sleeve is Charles Darwin. (see also Boogie Woogie art work)

we released Boogie Woogie on Elektra as a test for that label. we were charmed by one of their A&R people, who we met at one of our gigs, into negotiations even though we had our reservations about the label itself. our deal was "put out this 5 track EP and show us you know how to promote us". within a month we knew they were *****, .......... and we signed to Interscope who were lovely.

the 5" How do I breathe/nineforth versions are the exact same ones but just sound shitty because of the pictures.

the album HiFi was a sort of catchup album for the rest of Europe as we had spent a ridiculous amount of time touring the US promoting Comforter. to give ourselves a slightly different product to tour Europe with we compiled this from all our punky faves from the Comforter era. also Virgin was again part of our lives after a long absence. we had at this time already started writing for The Future is Medium (hence all the European imagery etc) "

Please note: Edited for Television. :O)
And finally, here's some stuff I found about Garrett's new music....

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