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Bennet were signed to Roadrunner, an unholy alliance which never really worked out...
The best bet is to find the albums, which are excellent, as are the B-sides which, in general are substandardly recorded versions (usually productions fault), of really good songs.....


(1995) (RR23227) (Roadrunner)

Rare 7".
A - Curly Shiney
B - Space Is Ace

Released as a limited, numbered 7". This contained the album track, plus the very dubby 'Space Is Ace', one for the collectors really..
You could probably only pick it up at gigs, I certainly never saw it on sale.

(March 1996) (RR23163) (Roadrunner)

1.If You Met Me, Then You'd Like Me
2.Oh Yeah
3.Back To Back At Bracknell
4.Jute's Theme

Top single, this one, great B-sides too, especially the country tinged "Jute's Theme", and the all out power pop of 'Back To Back At Bracknell"...

(May ‘96) (RR23063) (ROADRUNNER)

1.Colossal Man
2.Big Fat Wife
3.Club Foot Angel

Lost this for ages, as I binned it due to the B-sides being dodgy!
Listening to it now, they aren't so bad, well, at least "Club Foot Angel" isn't.....Not great though...

(?/1996) (RR22983) (ROADRUNNER)
bennet_someonealways.jpg (5899 bytes)
1.Someone Always Gets There First
2.Hello, We Are Bennet
3.Charity Dave
4.Congregation De Freitas

Another great single, with great B's! Singalong classic, would have been a landmark hit if it'd come later in the release schedule....
"Hello, We A
re Bennet" used to be a live fave and this version, if a little weak, but is still quite acceptable.
"Congregation De Freitas" is about the band, Congregation, who I've picked up a couple of singles by, the similarities aren't very apparent!

Someone Always Gets There First (2nd issue)
(1997) (RR22989)

CD1: See original release

1.Someone always gets there first.
2.If You Met Me, Then You'd Like Me (Live)
3.Wanker (Live)
4.Clubfoot Angel (Live)

Very substandard live tracks on CD2 (considering how good the live recordings made by Radio One and the tracks on the free gig tape are.....), avoid CD2 altogether and get the B-sides one! Original or this edition, they're both cool....

(January 1997) (RR22853)

1.Mum's Gone To Iceland
2.Bennet Have Left The Building
3.Hope You'd Like To
4.This Is A Song

This singles pretty good, though it was a bit of a HIT! so, unfortunately it hung round the bands neck, labelling them as a 'comedy' act, with no one appreciating the quality of the material.....
It's still a top pop song though, and the B-sides make it essential.
Note: The version of "Bennet Have Left The Building" is VERY VERY WEAKLY PRODUCED, the radio sessions are far superior.


1998 (RR22607) (ROADRUNNER)

A.I Like Rock
B:Air Hockey


1.I Like Rock
2.C'mon C'mon
3.Touch Too Much
4.Rock N' Roll All Nite

1.I Like Rock
2.Air Hockey

Not brilliant B-sides again, though CD1 is the one to go for, as at least the B-sides show signs of life!
The actual lead tracks a cracker. By now though, there's a sense Bennet were expected to improve on the last singles chart performance, which makes it feel a tad forced.

(02/02/1998) RR22439

1.Horses Mouth
2.Self Murder
4.Self Divorce

1.Horses Mouth
2.Married With Children
4.Home Karaoke

The B-sides are either forgettable, or blooming awful, not the songs, just the weak versions, a sure sign of a record company not doing a band their due anymore...
Horses mouth itself was called 'Generation Pepsi', but there was some sort of stepping in from the Cola company and, grudgingly, the song was adjusted. I don't think it sounded the same...
Dogs and Polka were live faves, taken to the knackers yard by the production, I've live versions of both of those which are much better.
As for the other b-sides, they weren't memorable, let's leave it at that...


Super Natural
(February 25th 1997), (RR88662)

1. norway wife
2. if you met me, then you'd like me
3. curly shirly
4. jordan bennet
5. cha cha charlie
6. i hate my family
7. wanker
8. colossal man
9. young, free and sorry
10. sandman
11. mum's gone to iceland
12. someone always gets there first
13. mockney rebel
14. kiss the radio
15. never ending blue

Bloody brilliant album BUY BUY BUY!
Chocked full of decent songs, (faves include "I Hate My Family" and "Young, Free And Sorry", excellent titles both).
Why wasn't "Wanker" released? Oh, yes, I forgot, damn.....

Street VS Science
??, 1998 (RR87612)
bennertstreetvs.jpg (10076 bytes)
01. Unlucky Pixie
02. Hot Shot
03. Be A Superstar
04. My Friends Are Getting Fewer
05. Swap It Around
06. The Horse's Mouth
07. I Like Rock
08. Built To Last
09. Something's Wrong With Mark
10. Karaoke
11. Das Boot

Second album, has a rushed feel to it, again production seemed to cripple good songs, there are definite hits here, "Unlucky Pixie", "Hot Shot"....but "The Horses Mouth" was released (With a terrible version of "Dogs"), instead....it was a good song stripped of both its joy by the recording, and point by the changing of the title from "Generation Pepsi"...
bad luck all round..but the album's still worth a punt...if you can find it..


Sent out for getting gigs etc.

1.Someone Always Gets There First
2.If You Met Me
3.Colossal Man
4.Curly Shiney
5.Cha Cha Charlie

As far as I can tell, neither 1 nor 2 are any different from the album versions, the others certainly are, different guitar and effects etc abound!
Lovely thing to own, doesn't seem to have a 'proper' cover.

Given away free at the Garage gig, Holloway Road, 25/10/1996.

A 3 track live tape taken from Bennet's support gig with Carter. Really cool versions of Wanker, Clubfoot Angel, Kiss The Radio and Dogs (probably the only decent version of Dogs at all, come to think of it..). Click on the picture for a closer look....
The tape comes from the Astoria gig of 22/9/96.

Sampler tape for Second Album
given away free at Water Rats gig.

Can't find this anywhere...

Songs About Plucking
(Fierce Panda Records, NING18)

1.super james (peel session) / bis
2.sandman / bennet
3.porcelain / chopper
4.the quiet astronaut / number one cup
5.goldwyn / magoo
6.exhibit one / american tv cops

Fierce panda compilation featuring what appears to be the album version of Sandman.


Radio One, Exeter University 12/3/1996 or 1997?
Someone Always Gets There First
I Like Rock
Mum's Gone To Iceland
Generation Pepsi

Marvelous gig supporting My Life Story, great banter and top versions of songs!

Evening Session Session
(Date Unknown)

Don't have this anymore. Would like a copy...

John Peel Session (1996)
1.Jordan Bennet
2. Hello We Are Bennet
3. Someone Always Gets There First
4. Karaoke

I only have the repeat track from when Peel played his fave sessions.

Mark And Lard Session
1.Colossal Man
2.Goodbye We Were Bennet

The only tracks I have from this session from 1996.

Graham also tells me that "Bennet appeared on a Radio 4 programme, plus there was an occasion when they beat the
boy band 911 in a Radio 1 poll on the Clive Warren show"

He also says the gigs he knows of are:
"Autumn 95 - Either the Barfly or Monarch - they did an encore of Mockney Rebel though it had a different name.
February 96 at the Reading Alleycat
May 96 at the Borderline - they covered a Number One Cup song having toured with them in February
August 96 at the Virgin Megastore over Reading Festival Weekend
December 96 - Christmas gig at the monarch, they did a punk version of White Christmas which was quality!
March 97 Reading University supporting My Life Story, same tour as the Radio 1 live stuff"

And he went to these:
"1. Reading Festival 95, opened the second stage having won a local band competition. First I'd ever heard of them and they were a breath of fresh air.
2. Camden Underworld December 95, support for Mega City Four
3. The Garage Feb 96, support for Number One Cup
4. Reading Alleycat Feb 96 (night after) support for Number One Cup
5. London Borderline May 96 headline show. First time I heard them play Polka and they covered Malcolm's X-ray picnic by Number One Cup
6. Bracknell South Hill Arts Centre May 96, headlined above Chuck, The Hairy Things and Pallet.
7. Reading Virgin Shop, August 96 In-store appearance. Rocket From The Crypt had played the night before. They got this gig because Jason worked in the shop.
8. Reading 96, Third Stage, only bennet show I've ever seen anybody try to crowd surf.
9. London Astoria Sept 96 Support to Carter USM
10. Reading Alleycat Sept 96 (night after)
11. London Monarch Sept 96 (the one you have photos of)
12. The Garage Oct 96 support from The Sweeney (now they were a good band)
Official bootleg tape given out
13. London Monarch, Dec 96, Christmas show and gave out Christmas single 'I am your Christmas robot'
14. Reading Alleycat, Dec 96 (night after)
15. Camden Dingwalls, Feb 97
16. Reading University, March 97 supporting My Life Story
17. London LA2 May 97 Biggest headline show so far as I know
18. Staines Town Hall, May 97 random festival with bennet headlining.
19. London 100 Club, June 97, Number One Cup supported before they toured with Uresei Yatsura
20. London Falcon (old Barfly) June 97
21. Walthamstow Theatre, July 97, most random show ever in a place that looked like a church hall. Lots of 'locals' started a mosh.
22. Reading Festival 97, fifth on second stage, last show with Kevin Moorey on drums
23. London Falcon Sept 97, 1st Album set
24. London Water Rats Sept 97 2nd Album set, Streets vs Science album sampler given out
25. London Astoria Dec 97 Support to Echobelly, last time I saw them play.
The only time I left a bennet show disappointed. Their heart wasn't in it
that night, the tour wasn't going well and manager Paul said as much."


And, on unreleased stuff, Graham says "Radio Friendly DJ may have got another name along the way but it certainly
isn't Kiss the Radio. The first time I heard them play it was on the My Life Story tour which included their live Radio 1 broadcast. Jason suggested tongue in cheek that it was a tribute to Simon Mayo for making Mums Gone to Iceland single of the week but I was never convinced of that. It didn't make it onto the second album or any of the singles which was a surprise. I don't
remember much of the song jus that the chorus went
'You're on the Radio. Broadcast on the airways, into my house.'

Fontaine was played at gigs quite frequently and the first time I heard was
the night I heard Unlucky Pixie and My Friends are Getting Fewer for the
first time. It wasn't a favourite of mine and the only bit I can remember is
the first line that went
'Oh Fontaine, I feel sorry for you'


And, just recently, Kevin from the band mailed me and said :"so graham is right we did have a song called fontaine but it was only recorded on demo once,
the other one was called radio friendly which was also demoed.
there is lots of songs we played live but never really got recorded properly, for example,men in suits,
air hockey to name but two."

So that's that!


Other Bennet Stuff:  http://www2.gol.com/users/quez/bennet.html