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Exploration Day E.P.
(Ultimate, 12"/CDS, 1991, TOPP004T/TOPP004CDS)
12" CoverCd Single Cover
1. Outshine The Sun
2. Beatnixon Blues
3. Solstice
4. Never Going Home

Brilliant opening 12"/CDS, every song has emotion dripping from it, the music's at peak, essential....produced by Terry Bickers by the way....
Seems to have been reissued on the 28th September 1992..

Tour 7" (October 1991) from the 20/10/1991
Town and Country Club
(now the Forum), London
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A.Falling Down (Live)  - Chapterhouse
B1.Junkmale (Live) - 5:30
B2.Outshine The Sun (Live) - Belltower

Excellent live version of Outshine The Sun, but where it's from I don't know, the 7" is unmarked and while the other 2 tracks are from The Marquee 'Band Explosion' gigs which were broadcast on BBC2 sometime earlier, to my knowledge the Belltower did not play at those 2 shows (bands who did included Moose, Teenage Fanclub, Slowdive, 5.30, Chapterhouse, Atom Seed....basically some of the best bands around at the time..)...so that's a bit of a mystery...

(Lost)In Hollow


1. In Hollow
2. Plasticman
3. Mercurial
4. Elements Of Place

Even better than the first single....take the comments from Outshine The sun and double them, the belltower at their best....

(Lost)In Hollow US Promo
(Eastwest Records America / Warner Music PRCD 4950-2, 1993)
1.In Hollow
2.Sea of Smiles
4.Elements of Place

No Catalogue number for this, but a strange tracklisting!
Thanks to John Norris for bringing this one to my attention!
The website had been incorrect until he pointed out my error with tracklisting!

(Lost) In Hollow Limited 7" (Ultimate, 1991, TOPP006)

A.Lost In Hollow
B.One Way Line

As with most of the Belltower's work, this is produced by Anjali Dutt, but this single contained what I think to be the Belltowers finest tune "One Way Line" on the B-side, a crying shame, as the single was limited to 1,500 copies and I've never seen a second copy!

Popdropper LP
(Ultimate, Vinyl/CD, 1992, TOPPLP002S)

1. Grounded
2. In Hollow
3. One Dimensional
4. Slipstream
5. Too Late
6. Outshine The Sun
7. Solstice
8. Flight
9. Eyes On The Time
10. Plastic Man
11. Everytime

This came (certainly with the 2000 copy limited vinyl) with a free 7" containing :
Free001, Ultimate Records, 1992

B.Sea Of Smiles

Most of the tracks are the same as their single counterparts, but certainly the first two EP's are a more essential purchase....if you can get them....

(Ultimate, 12"/CDS, 1992, TOPP009T)

2.Digital Kettle
3.My Church

This will probably be easy to find, but these are the leftovers from the album and not up to much...."flight" is still good, but "my church" sounds almost unfinished...

(Scratchie Records) 7" only?


A US 7" released on Stratchie, which I'd been unaware of from 1992 to 2001!
Many thanks to John Norris for bringing this to my attention!
Not classic, but fascinating last single...one for the collectors.....


Top gig, audience recording, goes nicely with the 7" live track..

Lost In Hollow
Outshine The Sun
Eyes On The Time

Tremendous alternative versions, essential...