You'll be lucky to find any of this stuff, but I can point you in the right direction....
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Hot Water
Music Lovely Records - LOFA 01 (FLX) 1989

(Worth about 5/6 quid, it's a flexi)


Me And Robert Forster
Bad Girl Records (12")

1.Me And Robert Forster
2.Burn, Margaret, Burn
3.On Wings Of Desire

Ace single. The one that took me longest to find by far!
Just got it recently, really ace danceable B-sides (a rarity from the otherwise surly Becketts), and a top and remarkable A-side!

The Most Beautiful Girl In Town
Fabulous Records - FAB1 (7") November 1989

1.The Most Beautiful Girl In Town
2.Red Harvest

Release from Somerset! This 7" features the Lust album track and the top "Red Harvest", it's a great 7" to have.

Keg sent me this from the NME:
It's a review by Len Brown from the 25th November 1989.
It's included in a block of 3 others, they being Asphalt Ribbons, Venus Fly Trap and Watch You Drown.
It says of the Becketts: " It's unclear whether the Becketts are named after Sam, Archbish Tom or Sir Tel of the CBI. Whatever, this is pleasant in an indie cheapo-guitary lovey-dovey style until some bastard starts shouting in the middle and spoils it."

Still, I think it's ace.

Three Songs
Bad Girl Records - BGRL 10 (12") BGRL 010SCD (CDS) 1991

2.Auto Erotic Hanging
3.The Place Of Dead Roads

One of my favourite Becketts tracks "The Place Of Dead Roads" more or less sold me on the band....slow start, then great crunching guitar....
This single is a tad easier to find than the others, and is definately worth checking out....

Western Lands
Bad Girl Records - BGRL014SCD (CDS/12") 1992

1.Western Lands
2.A Little Dead
3.Shallow (Demo Version)

Brilliant single from the Myth album, which feature a great demo of Shallow (very PJ Harvey-esque..), and the tremendous 'Western Lands' which was criminally overlooked at the time, Builds like a first rate Indie barnstormer...


Bad Girl Records (LP) (BGRLMLP02)

2.The Janitor Song
4.Dead Zone
6.The Most Beautiful Girl In Town

Bloody essential Becketts album, brilliant from 1 to 7, very gothy cover though, so I can imagine that in the past I've looked blankly at it!
However, if you can find one! Buy It!

Bad Girl Records (LP/CD) (BGRL016)  (Released 26/10/92)

1.Die Argonauten
2.Trashcan Jack
3.The Western Lands
4.The Whiteness Of The Whale
8.Angel Heart
10.Black Dahlia Avenger

Easiest to find, and a worthy introduction, tracks like "The Whiteness Of The Whale" are brilliant, "Western Lands" is also top, and whilst a few of the tracks are a tad lacklustre, the bulk of this LP is excellent.
It was recorded at The Whitehouse between October 91 and May 92, produced by Michael Chinaski, John Parish and Head.


Various Artists - Becket House
Becket House (LP) 1990
Note: Need a copy, badly in all cases,
as I've never heard any of these tracks!

All Over The Place - Strange
Are You Mr.Riley - I Can Wait
The Becketts - Electra
Breaking The Illusion - Drop The Mic
Brighter - Still
John Cunningham - One Way Mind
The Durutti Column - Prototype
The Pooh Sticks - Time To Time
Synchro System - Hacienda Sweat
The Telescopes - Morning Dew

Various Artists - Now That's Righteous (K7)
Note: Need a copy, see above..

The Beat Hotel - Good Advice
The Beat Hotel - Money Keeps The Gun Shining
The Becketts - I Know What You Want
The Becketts - Never Came

The Driscolls - Mrs Jones
The Haywains - Fisherman's Friend
The Magic Roundabouts - Ruthless
The Magic Roundabouts - When Your Near Me
The Morrisons - Made In Heaven
The Morrisons - Vagaboud Blues
Mousefolk - Grannies Cake Crises
Mousefolk - Don't Love You
Pilgrims - Girl From The Outerzone
Pilgrims - 359 Miles
Poke It With A Stick - Suck Suck Suck
Poke It With A Stick - Weepin And Chacking
The Presidents - Step By Step
The Presidents - My Life
The Reigning Days - Bitter...
The Reigning Days - Going Blind Again
Rubber Base Angel - Upside Down
Rubber Base Angel - Second Coming
Jason Smart - Juggernaught
The Wilderness Children - One Must Die

Various Artists - Turquoise Days (K7)

Note: Need a copy

The Becketts - Hurricane
The Benjamins - Abide With Me
The Driscolls - PC Roberts
Fat Tulips - Don't Tell Me You Feel
Girl Of My Best Friend - Military Days
Andy Green - Running In The Opposite Way
The Haywains - Stand With You
Honeytrap - England
The Losers - Why Can't You Be Yourself
Mousefolk - Fire Engine
Mousefolk - Sleepwalk
The Penny Candles - Nicely
The Popguns - Leave It Alone
The Price - On The Ice
Red Letter Day - Fall Apart
St.Christopher - On the Death Of My Son
The Sohfas - Smothered
The Tulips - Caron Keating
The Tulips - Not Today Thank You
Watch You Drown - Face Of Reality 

EDMUNDS COMMENT: I also have some live gigs, which you can mail me for.


Norwich (23/4/1990)
All of these gigs are audience recordings, fasinating, due to the fact that the Becketts talked hardly at all during gigs....I know about half the songs.....
God I wish I knew more....

London Venue (26/7/1991)
It's amazing, none of these bootlegs are above average quality though...

White Horse (21/12/1991)
I mean, they're all from different places....

Lille Aeroneuf (17/2/1993)
Oh, won't someone help me with the Becketts....please....
I promise I'll include half arse/educated track lists for these if you do...hello?
I'm begging, seriously, I CANNOT be the only person who liked them!