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Whilst I'm pretty sure I've got all the singles and albums, anybody with any corrections and so on, please mail me!


Thundersley Invacar
1993, (CDS, 10")
Deceptive Records (BLUFF001CD)

1.Thundersley Invacar
4.Thundersley Invacar (Butt Naked Mix)

First single on Deceptive and absolutely superb, the b-sides are great too.
See it, buy it!

Chainsaw Wedgie
1993, (CDS, 10")
Deceptive Records (BLUFF002CD)

1.Chainsaw Wedgie
2.First & Sixth
4.First & Sixth (Scatter Mix)

Second single and the last one with Nihal Arthanayake on vocals (he left and formed the Muddy Funksters), superb again, about the dangers of wedgies at school. :O)
Again, essential.

Down With The Plaid Fad
1994, (CDS)
Deceptive Records (BLUFF005CD)

1.Down With The Plaid Fad (Large)
2.Spinning Down
4.Down With The Plaid Fad (Xxlarge)

First single with new vocalist Jim Burke, took a while to grow on me, but now one of my favourite Collapsed Lung songs! And 'Spinning Down' and 'Headgames' are absolutely ace.

Dis Mx
1994, (CDS)
Deceptive Records (BLUFF009CD)

1.Dis Mx
2.Something Ordinary
3.Dis Mx (Organ-ized Mix)
4.Dis Mx (Abdul Van Halen Mix)

Slightly different style to the other singles, more produced and also featuring the b-side 'Something Ordinary' which was so good it's on the first album.
The remix is by Aki Nawaz.

1995, (CDS)
Deceptive Records (BLUFF016CD)

1.Interactive (9600 BPS Mix)
2.Lunglist Massive (Slack Agenda)
3.Interactive (14400 BPS Mix)
4.Interactive (Edward Stonelayne Mix)

The first single I didn't rate that much, the vocals by Little Annie are cool and I quite like the tune 'Interactive' itself.
But, the B-sides are bit 'so-so' and don't make this essential.

1995, 7"
Deceptive Records (BLUFF018)


Part of the Deceptive Records Xmas series, this is a cover of Elastica's 'Connection' and also features on the Deceptive 50 compilation!
Thanks to Addy for reminding me!

Eat My Goal (Re-release 1?)
1996, CDS, Deceptive Records
(850 601-2)

1.Eat My Goal (Euro 96 Mix)
2.Eat My Goal (Syncromesh Terror On The Terraces Mix)
3.London Tonight
4.London Tonight (Fila Brazilia Mix)

This is the release from 1996. Not sure, but I think there was another, earlier release with 'proper' b-sides.
You all know the song, but the version on the album and original single are excellent compared to the mixes that seems to crop up on compilations all the time. There are 3 versions that seem to do the rounds, the original album version, this 'Euro 96' version (the one that gets played on Tv and so on as far as I can tell, which isn't bad) and a remix by The Black Catz (or the 'Black Catz' Version, I'm not sure), which is pretty flippin' awful.

Eat My Goal (Re-release 2?)

1.Eat My Goal
2.Eat My Goal (Mardi Grass Mix)
3.Eat My Goal (Jackpot Goalie Mix)
4.Eat My Goal (Syncromesh Terror On The Terraces Mix)
5.Eat My Goal (Black Cats Mix)
6.Eat My Goal (Instrumental Mix)

Now, between this and the other release (is the blue the original? Is This? HELP!)
There are a load of mixes... A little help would be nice!

London Tonight
1996, (CDS)
Deceptive Records (BLUFF029CD)

1.London Tonight
2.London Tonight (Fila Brazilia Mix)
3.Eat My Goal (Euro '96 Mix)
4.Eat My Goal (Synchromesh Terror On The Terraces Mix)

First single from the second album and very lively and up!
Chris Tucker guests on the lead track and Deceptive started using Eat My Goal as a selling point from here on in!
Bit odd, it's a really great single in it's own right...

Board Game
1996, (12"/CDS)
Deceptive Records (BLUFF03T)
Need A Copy

1.Board Game (Mach Daddy Single Remix)
2. Board Game (Ballistic Brothers Cut The Games Mix)
3. Ballad Night, Featuring Bilinda Butcher (Boymerang Mix)
4. Board Game (Avenue A Dub Mix)

Had this single, but can't now find it..think it was mostly remixes on the B-sides...hmmm, so much for having all the singles!
The tracklisting above is from the 12" (thanks to Addy van Dijken).

12-inch Maclife "Exclusive Limited edition"
1995, (12")
Jealous Records (COUP002)
Need To Find A Copy

1.Maclife/Bonus Beats
2.Sugar Free Jazz (Soul Coughing)/Weirdo Dub (Soul Coughing)

Thanks to Addy van Dijken for sending me details of this 12".
Know nothing about it, other than whats above!


Jackpot Goalie
1995, LP?/CD
Deceptive Records, BLUFF015CD

1.Maclife Intro
3.Down With The Plaid Fad
4.Eat My Goal
5.Interactive (Featuring Little Annie)
6.I May Not Know The Score But...
7.Something Ordinary
8.Burn Rubber Soul
9.Filthy's Fix
10.Dis Mx
12.Slack Agenda

My favourite album (Pixies excluded) for months of my student life, absolutely excellent walkman stuff, cheers up your day, has tunes to rock along the street to (special mention for the tune 'for those of you who do not enjoy public transport' - Burn Rubber Soul), it's amazing.
Completely different to the (surprise) cooler and more laid back second album (which is still ace!).

1996, Deceptive Records

1.London Tonight (Featuring Chris Tucker)
2.Lungs Collapse
3.Ballad Night (Featuring Bilinda Butcher)
5.Codename Omega
6.One Foot Up The Rude Ladder
7.Board Game
8.25 Years
9.Casino Kisschase (Featuring Bilinda Butcher)
10. TV Is Life, Elvis

Another brilliant album I spent ages with (and drove my friends mad to), this time featuring the guest vocals of Bilinda Butcher (from My Bloody Valentine) on a pair of very different tracks for Collapsed Lung (much more US R&B orientated almost). The album is sound as, seriously loaded again with all kinds of cool sounding tracks!

Note, only compilations featuring different or live tracks are featured and there are probably tonnes more!
Any help always appreciated!

Home Truths

Also featuring a track by Fin, this compilation includes a great version of "I may not know the score (but)", from the first album.

Camden Crawl
Need Image/Copy
(with "Lungsexy" - unreleased track from Cooler sessions)
Thanks to Ant from the band for bringing this one to my attention!

"Shared Stereo" 7" single
Need Image/Copy
A compilation of bands each in mono on one channel.
Simply pan your stereo to decide what you want to here.
Total nonsense, but quite funny.
The Collapsed Lung track is a live version of "Joe McArthy's Ghost" (Minutemen song).
Thanks again to Ant!


Inspiral Carpets
CD5: 1994 UK (Mute; DUNG26CDR)
Image To Come Soon
3:53 Uniform (Scripka Mix)
6:12 Paranoid (Sort Yer Head Out Mix)
4:55 The Way The Light Falls (Scat Version Featuring Basil Clarke)
9:46 Theme From Devil Hopping

Excellent remix with some vocals from the boys too!

Note, This discography can't be complete...there must be demos, sessions...

DJ SCISSORKICKS! (NOTE: Seems to be down at the moment)

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