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Compulsion were one of the best bands I ever saw live. I first saw them at the Phoenix Festival very early in the afternoon (12-ish if I remember), completely by accident (I was walking off a nasty hangover) and was absolutely blown away.
I later years I saw them at Harlow Square, in Manchester at the Boardwalk at ULU and many other places and never once did I see a bad show.

So here's a page dedicated to their live gigs....including the BLACK SESSIONS, shows recorded for a French Radio Programme. (For more on this : was invaluable).

Here I must turn to the combined talents of Christian Kuntz (A German Compulsion fan) and Darryl, who have been very very informative about these legendary shows!

Christian :"First of all, Compulsion played 4 gigs in France which were recorded for the radio.
There were two "Black Session"s and two shows at "St. Malot".
Both had the same concept, though the Black Session was a radio-session in France and St. Malot was
a Festival performance broadcast live.
Behind those two things there was the one organisator, nevertheless.

The first Black Session was in September ´94, (16.9.1994)
Duration: 50 mins

1. Accident Ahead
2. How Do I Breathe?
3. Basketcase
4. Yabba Yabba Yes yes yes
5. Alec Eiffel (Pixies Cover)
6. Little Marks
7. Mall Monarchy
8. Domestique
9. Lovers
10. Easterman
11. Oh my fool life
12. Eating
13. Rapejacket
14. Why do we care?
15. Ninefourth
16. Find time
(17. Little Miss Whirlwind)
(18. Galvanised )

Track 17 and 18 were encore! (My copy does not contain those two songs but
the copies that I hopefully get soon contain them, anyone with these tracks, please get in touch

The second Black Session was in May ´96, (17.5. 1996)
Duration:60 mins

DARRYL: Here´s the tracklist for the second session:
EDMUND: I've got this and it is absolutely su-perb. Great quality too.

1. Rapejacket
2. Mall Monarchy
3. Belly Laugh
4. All We Heard Was A Dull Thud
5. Yabba Yabba Yes Yes Yes
6. Juvenile Scene Detective
7. Is This Efficient Living
8.Western Culture Collector
9. Domestique
10.Home Computer (Kraftwerk Cover)
11. Burst
12.Question Time For The Proles
13.Why Do We Care?
14. Eating
15. Nineforth
16. Uniformity Is Go
17. Happy Monsters
18.Find Time

Here's Christians' picture from France!

Back To Christian: "The first St. Malot concert was in August ´94 (14.8.1994)
Duration: 20 mins

1. Basket Case
2. Yabba Yabba Yes Yes Yes
3. Mall Monarchy
4. Rapejacket
5. Domestique
6. Eating
7. Why do we care?
(The special thing about this show is the 20 seconds-longer version of
Domestique and the very funny start of the last song "Why do we care", when
Josephmary starts talking: I wanna laugh-Hahaha-Haha-Hahaha...)

The second St. Malot concert was in August ´96 (16.8.1996)
Duration: 25 mins

1. They´re Breeding...
2. All We Heard Was A Dull Thud
3. Mall Monarchy
4. Juvenile Scene Detective
5. Eating
6. Find Time
7. Domestique

Naturally, between Christian, Darryl and myself, we have copies of all of these and they are superb shows.

Especially the second Black Session, which, as I've mentioned elsewhere on the site, reaffirmed my opinion that the band were superb live!

I've not yet got Christian's live shows, but he assures me he's sending them, so hopefully there'll be more reviews from me soon!

Thanks to both Darryl and Christian for their help!