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Paul Cavanagh - Vocals, Guitar
Joe Fearon - Bass (ex Wild Swans)
Alan Wills - Drums

Emotion Lotion (Island, 1991)
LP Came With Free 7"
510 096-2 CID 9978

1.No 1 Dominator
2.Life's Only Dreaming
4.Soul magic
5.Hi Baby Hi
7.Feel Good
8.Love By Demand
10.As Far As I Can See
11.She's Got All The World
CD version inluded When The Summers Gone as an extra track.


She's Got All The World (Island) (12")
(IS 494/868 149-1) 1991

1.Life's Only Dreaming
2. Man Can't You See

Number One Dominator (Island) (12")
(IS 496/868 405-1) 1991

1.Number One Dominator
2.As Far As I Can See
3.Thousand Miles Away

The only single by Top I own!
Anyone who wants to add reviews, comments and pictures, mail me!


b/w Ode To Love (Part Two), Ode To Marc, Ode To Love
12 IS 504/868 989-1
Isalnd Records 1991
Buzzin (10" Peel Sessions)
b/w No 1 Dominator, When The Summers Gone, Feel GoodWhen The Summers Gone - This was a free one sided single free with initail copies of the Emotion Lotion LP.

Easy/Livin On Cloud Nine
Island Records 1992
12 IS 520/866 555-1
10 IS 520/866 557-0

12" b/w Crazy, When The Summers Gone, Bad Luck (Part Two)
(10" Box Set with Poster, Discography and Top Token Collectors Kit) All Tracks are live
b/w She's Got All The World, Life's Only Dreaming, Bad Luck (Part One)

Lemon (Single)

Not much known, Paul Taylor told me about it.

Top Box Set

Don't know. Have managed to lose the email of the person who sent me all these scans! Sorry!

I Want You

Again, unknown!