Three And A Half Minutes
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Alex suggested Three And A Half Minutes:

> > What about indie 4 piece Three And a Half Minutes? Quick bio -
> by
> > Steve Lamacq in 1992, released 2 singles, both of which were NME single
> > the week (feelings, M is on NME s.o.t.w.1992) Bled Me Dry was on a film
> > soundtrack (Son in-Law).
> > Gigs - Gimme Shelter at the London Town And Country - supporting Suede,
> > Blur, Mega City Four,
> > toured with Sultans Of Ping F.C, Kingmaker,Senseless Things, opened for
> > Ned's Atomic Dustbin at Cambridge Corn Exchange and The Pogues at Harlow
> > Town Park.
> > Went on to form separate bands, In Aura and Travis Cut

If you saw the Minutes at Bowes Lyon, you must know of a band called The
Herbsmen -
I was fan of the Minutes - watched most of their gigs at the Square and
Chelmsford Y club/Army & Navy, supporting Mega City Four, Scorpio Rising,
Adorable and Love's Young Nightmare.

Red Tape (Cute)
Need An Image

1.Lenthia Falls
2.Shake It Up
3.Feelings M
5.Darling Bud (Live)


1. Fallin' Down - Goo Goo Dolls Listen Listen Listen
2. Electric Harley House (Of Love) - Green Jelly Listen Listen Listen
3. Perfect World - Alias Listen Listen Listen
4. Bled Me Dry - Three and a Half Minutes Listen Listen Listen
5. Who Was in My Room Last Night? - Butthole Surfers Listen Listen Listen
6. Funkintoyoear [Remix] - Raw Fusion
7. Hey, Good Lookin' - C.C. DeVille
8. Green Acres - Eddie Albert
9. Thank God I'm a Country Boy - John Denver
10. Hog on Crawl
11. Thank God I'm a Country Boy - Pauly Shore
12. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen

Take It Easy On Me - A House
Really Scrape The Sky - Kingmaker
Parafin Flap - Balloon
Don't Shilly Shally - Edwyn Collins
Talent To Follow - Vic Godard
This River WIll Never Run Dry - Moose
Two Lovers - Green On Red
Jack The Ripper - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Nick The Stripper - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds featuring Roland S. Howard
Flying Jelly Attack - Shonen Knife
Shit Sells - 3 1/2 Minutes
Small Change - Thousand Yard Stare
Staples - Buffalo Tom
Annie's Gone - Redd Kross
What Do I Get? - Buzzcocks
Two Wings Mambo - Gallon Drunk
24 Bottle (5:46)
25 How Much Are They? (8:04)
26 Plasticity 6 Invisible Generation (2:45)
27 Emotional Hooligan (7:07)

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