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Welcome to the Forgotten Band Planet's TYS page.
Been up a while now and we've got loads of great stuff, but forgive me if the professionalism is a tad....lacking.

Edmund - October 2006:
from now on, this page is being moved to www.bandplanet.co.uk and will be held here:


If you would be kind enough to copy me anything and send me any covers
that'd be ace wherever you see "
Need a copy and a picture!"
Thanks, Edmund

Stephen Barness - Vocals
Giles Duffy - Lead Guitar
Kevin Moxon - Rhythm Guitar
Sean McDonough - Bass
Dominic Bostock - Drums and backing vocals

According to http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Pier/4076/yardies.html
1988: band form in Slough, Berkshire, UK
Easter 1989: first demo recorded
January 1991: first commercial release (Weatherwatching e.p.)
June 1991: the Keepsake e.p. hits the Indie top 5
August 1991: the Yardies play at the Reading Festival
August 1991: the Seasonstream e.p. peaks at Indie no.2 and makes the UK top 75

Here's what we've got: