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Wikipedia has this to say:
"Power of Dreams were a Dublin-based pop/rock band, built around Craig and Keith Walker. They released their critically acclaimed EP "A Little Piece of God" on Keith Cullen's Setanta Records in 1989. Following a six-figure bidding war between rival record companies, Power of Dreams then signed a deal with Polygram. Their first album, Immigrants, Emigrants and Me, received glowing reviews worldwide, and the band embarked on a global tour, taking in more than 30 countries, including Japan and North America. However, outside of France, Japan, UK and Ireland, album sales were very poor. Their second album, To Hell With Common Sense, got mixed reviews, and the band were dropped by their label. They released further material on a number of independent labels, but amid decreasing sales and interest, the band split"

Immigrants, Emigrants & Me
July 23 1991

1. Joke's on Me
2. Talk
3. Does It Matter
4. Much Too Much
5. Had You Listened
6. Stay
7. Never Told You
8. Bring You Down
9. Never Been to Texas
10. Where Is the Love
11. Maire I Don't Love You
12. 100 Ways to Kill a Love
13. Mother's Eyes
14. My Average Day

To Hell With Common Sense
March 1992

1. Raindown
2. There I Go Again
3. On And On
4. She's Gone
5. Untitled
6. 100 Seconds
7. You Bring Me Flowers
8. Understand
9. Slowdown
10. Happy Game
11. Metalscape
12. Blue Note

100 Ways To Kill A Love
(1990 UK 4-track 12")

includes Demo Versions of Don't Change and Any Other Day, and an acoustic version of Had You Listened, picture sleeve PZ80)

A Little Piece Of God
12", SET003

1. A Little Piece Of God
2. Mother's Eye's
3. My Average Day
4. Fine Time

1992, Polydor

Second Son
Lemon, 1992

1. See You
2. Still Lost
3. Evil Evol
4. Inside Out

Polydor, 1993

Become Yourself

1. Drown
2. Poisoned
3. Would You?
4. In Time
5. Remember You Belong
6. Halfway There
7. It's My Choice
8. Hymn For Him
9. Low
10. Great Life
11. Sky

Never Been To Texas
1990, Polydor

1. Never Been To Texas
2. You Make Me Feel
3. I'm With You
4. A Little Piece Of You