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Garret from Compulsion is now known as Jacknife Lee.

Here's a discography:

A Dog Named Snuggles, 12" (Pussyfoot)
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A2 Kati Rocky
A2 A Dog Named Snuggles
B1 Sweet Potato
B2 Toot Sweet Boogie Woogie

Kitty Litter 12"/CDS (Pussyfoot)
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Side A - Cookies
Side B - Here Kitty Kitty/Brown Glitter

Punk Rock High Roller, CD (Palm Pictures)

01 1970's Dictator Chic (3.19)
02 Aloha Satellite Special (4.19)
03 Do Your Thing Cornball (3.45)
04 I Love Your Sauce (4.10)
05 I Think About You (3.50)
06 Easy (3.40)
07 Cookies (4.10)
08 Juice Machine (4.20)
09 Shush Dafty (4.20)
10 My Baby Got The Beat (5.13)
11 Bursting Off The Backbeat (3.46)
12 Jacknife Is Your Friend, Let Me In (5.05)

Burstin' Off The Backbeat (CDS, 12")
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1.Burstin' Off The Backbeat
2.1972 Squaredance Documentary in Sound
3.Burstin Off The Backbeat (Jacknife Lee Mix)


1. Here Kitty Kitty
2. Cookies
3. Missy Whopper
4. Brown Glitter
5. A Dog Named Snuggles
6. Spermy Daydream
7. Toot Sweet Boogie Woogie
8. Sweet Potato
9. Kati Rocky

Aloha Satellite Special, 12" (Palm Pictures)

A1 Aloha Satellite Special (Album Version) (4:07)
A2 Aloha Satellite Special (Jacknife Lee Mix) (4:25)
B1 Aloha Satellite Special (Soul Of Man Instrumental) (6:59)
remix by Soul Of Man
B2 Aloha Satellite Special (Freddy Fresh Sober Mix) (4:24)
remix by Freddy Fresh

Easy, Cds (Unknown)

Need Tracklisting
Includes "It Takes Pound Coins Love"


Shoeshine (Jacknife Lee Mix) on Shoeshine, 12" (V2 Records, Inc.)
Taxi (Ave Maria) (Jacknife Lee Remix) on Season Song / Taxi (Ave Maria), 12" (XL Recordings)
The Mello Hippo Disco Show (Jacknife Lee mix) on The Mello Hippo Disco Show, CD (Artful Records)
It's Tricky 2003 (JKL Club Mix feat. Jacknife Lee) on It's Tricky 2003, 12" (BMG)
It's Tricky 2003 (Master Mix feat. Jacknife Lee) on It's Tricky 2003, 12" (BMG)
Girl Talk (Jacknife Lee Remix) on Girl Talk, CD5" (Arista)
Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You) (Jacknife Lee Remix) on Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You) CD1, CD5" (B-Unique Records)
Simple Things (Jacknife Lee Mix) on Simple Things EP, CD5" (Credence)

Feel free to mail me with more, for example details of the remixes that haven't been put out officially!

EG Eminem's "Cleaning Out My Closet" or Missy Elliot "Get Your 9IB C*** On" (which uses a Compulsion track as backing).

And I found this on a website that seems to have been removed :

"There's a new boy about to run the Pussyfoot juggernaut off the road - Jacknife aka Garret Lee was born in Dublin and started making music when he was 14. A global ranger who has traversed the planet sucking up sounds from Paso Robles to Osaka he is the original junkyard composer, blending found sound with funk, baroque with breakbeat and generally creating genre-bending tunes that you should wear little more than a smile while listening to.

He is a self-confessed future-retro pop junkie whose ultimate ambition in life is to jam with Cantina band from Star Wars. A pie-in-the-sky dream? Maybe, but his musical history suggests that he has the necessary credentials after 4 years playing punk rock guitar with Compulsion he spent a couple of years dabbling in the modern gentlemans arts - programming, sampling and cooking. This led to production and remixes for Björk, The O, Shed Seven, Perry Blake and Sack, but not to a slot on a daytime cooking programme. Listening to everything from Bacharach to Black Sabbath, The Blackbyrds to The Boards Of Canada this is a man whose musical ethos is simple "music should be fun without being stupid." (But maybe just a little bit silly). Here's what the press said about the last single 'A Dog Named Snuggles'...

"The choicest Pussyfoot release for some time" - Mixmag Update

"Glorious" - Big Mouth

"As great as it is barking mad" - NME

"Pussyfoot's latest will be charmin' 'em all over" - i-D

Now Jacknife Lee returns with an EP of groovy psychedelia entitled 'Kitty Litter' - 'Cookies' kicks it off with a corking slab of uptempo brass-laden funk - choral backdrops, analogue gurgles and Garret's vocoded vocals make for a floor-filling track that's got HIT written all over it. On the flip 'Here's the Kitty' swings the joint with an organ-grinding groove on the Jimmy Smith tip, Hammond roaring and the drummer sweating over frenetic fills - jump-up jazz for when the bossa nova's over baby. 'Brown Glitter' struts along on a velvet sheen of funky percussion and jazzy keys while the man with the golden tonsils cuts loose in a Lizard King style. Not content to merely provide the sounds Garret got busy with the artwork too, creating a kaleidoscopic cut 'n' paste collage of a cover - seeing is believing!

With more tracks in the pipeline and gigs on the way this all-singing, all-dancing king of funky kitsch is bringing his sound closer to the edge. Jacknife. Joe Meek with a cocktail in his hand instead of a shotgun. Don't move... "

And here's something from Festival Records:

" Jacknife Lee is the Punk Rock High Roller - the walking, talking oxymoron, who can’t reconcile his nihilism with his love of stuff. It’s like Harvey Nichols using Sid Vicious to advertise frocks* - wrong, but kind of fascinating.

Punk Rock High Roller is the sound of cultures clashing at high velocity. It’s hard to find an influence that Jacknife Lee hasn’t drawn on in making this, his second album. Ideas rise and recede with such bewildering pace, you can only sit back and bask in their sunny glow. If people thought his previous, largely instrumental, album (“Muy Rico”/Pussyfoot) was “funny”, wait ‘til they get their ears on the sardonic humour pervading P.R.H.R.

You want a song inspired by the sartorial elegance of Idi Amin and Elena Ceaucescu? Look no further than “1970’s Dictator Chic”. Feel your life has been missing a tune that attempts to encapsulate 60 years of popular music in one go? “Shush Dafty” is for you.

“That track is my big, croony 50s Las Vegas swing thing,” explains Jacknife. "It’s big band techno with Sinatra and the Beach Boys. It was inspired by Alan Warner’s novel “Morvern Caller”, and the lyrics are about how when I get up in the morning I think love is going to solve everything, and then somebody puts me right, saying, very sweetly, shush, dafty!"

Built around the riff from Three Dog Night’s “Mama Told Me Not To Come” (rather than the “2001: A Space Odyssey”, to which Elvis entered the stage), Jacknife’s “Aloha Satellite Special” recalls "sitting at home as the TV flickers" while "the girls at the show are throwing their knickers". Class. Its laid back yet subtly caustic humor is prime Jacknife Lee.

“Easy” is about people Jacknife hates, set to an incongruously laid back tune from the stable of Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” and Sly Stone’s “Everyday People.” Like a lot of P.R.H.R., it was co-produced by Adrian Sherwood, and also features UK garage don MJ Cole on piano, and Fuzz Townshend on drums.

“I was working in the studio next door to Adrian, and after about four weeks of me dicking around the same song, he came in and said, ‘Would you like some help with that?’ because he was sick of having to listen to it.” Sherwood and Jacknife Lee are now working on a joint project.

“I Love Your Sauce” is, predictably, about oral sex. “Juice Machine” is about food, sex and music, and about how “hip-hop used to be interesting but has become bullshit.” It also somehow manages to be about people “who think they’re cool now because they BMX’d in the 80s.”

“DJs perpetuate a myth that what they do is difficult, and everyone buys into it. But half the time it’s just sticking one beat after another. People become slaves to tempo, and clubs are dictated by BPMs. I just can’t do it.”

Jacknife Lee loves Primal Scream because “they are not afraid to say they believe in rock ‘n’ roll.” He reckons the trouble with Beck ­ whose own magpie musical approach has drawn the odd comparison - is that “he doesn’t seem to believe in anything.” Belief is important for Jacknife Lee. In an earlier incarnation ­ as Garret Lee, songwriter with latter day punky idealists Compulsion ­ he took himself *very* seriously. These days he’s more interested in accentuating the positive.

“Being down is addictive, but I’m trying to emphasize the joy in my life. ‘My Baby Got The Beat’ is a mantra to make people feel happy. The Philly strings make me feel like Gloria Gaynor.”

With Punk Rock High Roller Jacknife attempts to shoehorn his entire record collection into one album and make it flow smoothly. “I wanted to take electro, dub, hip-hop, jazz, disco, whatever, and use it all to make a pop album.” A task finely executed, Mr. Lee."

And, finally here's an NME live review:
"Jacknife Lee : London King's Cross Water Rats
The bloke onstage has got tiny maracas (snigger). No, but seriously, Garret 'Jacknife' Lee - ex-Compulsion charmer now reborn as a kind of big beat Las Vegas lounge act - really is brandishing a pair of the smallest maracas you'll ever see. But no doubt he'd appreciate the joke: Mr Lee is, after all, a bit 'mad'.
You can tell he's mad by the fact that he comes across like a living Photofit of all the maddest entertainers in history: sometimes he does puppety jerks like a punk David Byrne, then he stares insanely, John Lydon-style. His shirt-sleeves protrude from the arms of his too-small suit jacket, which is always a dead giveaway.

But perhaps the biggest pointer to JKL's barminess is the music, which is a burlesque funk fairground soundtrack of Moog whines, vinyl abuse and shameless breakbeats. Tonight we swing giddily from Herb Alpert tack to Fatboy sauce, the whole rich sonic blancmange kept from mould by Lee's way with a sinuous melody.

He's best on the careening 'Cookies', staying straight-faced as the rhythms slip from electro to disco to hip-hop; he's less convincing on 'Aloha Satellite Special', serving only to remind us what separates genre-hoppers from true pop chameleons like Beck. And unlike Beck, Lee just isn't, ultimately, mad enough. There's still something a little strained about his Day-Glo demeanour. Best wait 'til he loses it completely. "

Don't worry, we will....

August 2004:

Email from Jan from Compulsion:

" in closing you may wish to update what Garret is up to...........he produced and mixed the last Snowpatrol album which is f---ing fantastic.............also Garret has been in Dublin for the last couple of months producing the new U2 album!!!! he always was and will remain a most talented little f***er"


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