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Not a favourite per se, but had quite a few requests for them.
So I've started with a discography, any more would be nice. Email me at the bottom of the page..

The High Discography
(All 12" Releases Unless Stated)

Box Set Go
1st version

b/w P.W.A, P.W.A (Instrumental)
LONX 261/869047.1
FFRR Records Ltd 1990

Second version
b/w Box Set Go (Original Version), Up & Down, This Is My World
LONX 286/869277.1
FFRR Records Ltd 1991

Up And Down
b/w Make It Happen, Bombay Mix
LONX 272/869153.1
FFRR Records Ltd 1990

Take Your Time
b/w Bombay Live Mix (Full Length Version)
LONX 280/869205.1
FFRR Records Ltd 1990

Take Your Time (The Martin Hannett Session)
b/w Box Set Go, A Minor Turn
LONXP 280/869207.1
FFRR Records Ltd 1990

b/w Blue Tourist, Four Thirty, Make It Happen
LONX 297/869367.1
FFRR Records Ltd 1991

More (more...madness mix) 10" Release
b/w More, Blue Tourist 10"
LONP 296
FFRR Records Ltd 1991

Sweet Liberty
London Records LONCD333

1.Sweet Liberty
2.This Is Your Life
3.Better Left Untold

Somwhere Soon (Album)
LP came with free print (LP/CD)
FFRR Records Ltd 1991

Box Set Go
Take Your Time
This Is My World
Rather Be Marsanne
So I Can See
A Minor Turn
Dreams Of Dinesh
Up & Down
Somewhere Soon

FFRR Records was a subsidary of London Records.


E-mail me with anymore