Dragged from those sleepy streets, there was but one way it was gonna be.

Livin' with the soul or selling his sole soul.

Luckily for us, brothers and sisters, the devil didn't want no part of a soul so twisted it danced when you touched it.

Ol' Nick, he traded that messed up thing right back then and there for the jumpin', humpin' and twistin' tunes barely contained and constrained right here on this silvery disc.....

Now, Eddie, he wants to play 'em...



Quiet, Do Not Disturb

First, I Look At The Purse

Hook N' Sling

Lone Soul Sister

Grits Ain't Groceries


?Mother In Law

Big Chief

Pass The Hatchet

You're Lookin' Good

Memphis Train

The Name Game

Get In The Groove

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