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And here's the stuff I found on the web:

Compulsion grew out of a Dublin neo-punk band called Thee Amazing Colossal Men. Singer Josephmary, guitarist Garrett Lee, and bassist Sid Rainey had a deal with Virgin that resulted in their winning a lawsuit against the label, after which they regrouped as Compulsion in London with Dutch drummer Jan-Willem Alkema. The group went on welfare while honing its songwriting skills, releasing three EPs and a minor hit single, "Mall Monarchy." Their sound combines punk volume and aggression with pop melodies on releases like 1994's Comforter and 1996's Future Is Medium. -- Steve Huey, All-Music Guide

"I saw Compusion play a gig in the Temple Bar Music Centre in Dublin on September 7th, 1996. The venue is on the small side which was brilliant. All bands should play venues like this every now and again. There were four bands on before Compulsion, and very little happened while they were on stage, bit when Joseph Mary (vocals), Garret Lee (guitar, vocals), Sid Rainey (bass) and Jan-Willem Alkema (drums) came out, the place errupted! Despite the best efforts of fifty or so fans in the mosh pit, throwing people ten feet into the air and generally going bezerk in order to get attention, the band rarely (if ever) made eye contact. I can't say for certain what songs were played because I only heard their music for the first time about a week or two before the gig."
Taken from:

Bit of a cheeky one this, there's a shedload of good compulsion sites now, but there weren't......
is a good place to start...samples and all sorts....

And Sid from the band has mailed me!
He says "One Little Indian are releasing a Compulsion COMPILATION this year, there is also talk of a DVD. As far as 'What we are doing as individuals' :
Garret is doing what he does
best, MUSIC, he is steadily rising towards film scores. Jan is working and living in Brighton, Joey is in Dublin and I'm still in London working full time as a comedy writer etc"

Edmund (FBP) July 2002 - This compilation is now out!
It's called "I Like Compulsion" and it's on One Little Indian!
Check out the discography for a tracklist, but the catalogue number is TPLP850CD!

I hope the DVD comes out soon! That'd be great!

August 2004:

Jan is now in a band called: DRIVEN TO COLLISION

  Edmund Hornsby
Edmund Hornsby