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Thanks (again) to Keg, here's the text:

1991 is going to be a year with a lot of spaces to fill in. Clutching
suitcases, freshly inked licensing deals and Barclaycards, bands we've grown
used to seeing regularly will be jetting off to new climes in search of
larger audiences. Somehow, we're going to have to try to amuse ourselves;
enter The Becketts.
Tonight, with attendance understandably low because of the snowy conditions,
most of those here were already Becketts fans - a serious business which
involves travelling long distances, messing about with a Yeovil Town scarf
and slam-lurching on the dancefloor.
Whether it's an affection for this bunch of a simple desire to keep warm in
the icebox backroom of the Falcon, The Becketts react to the convivial
atmosphere by playing their collective woolly socks off. Like The Family
Cat, their label mates at Bad Girl, The Becketts favour the three guitar
brand of indie pop. Here, though, comparisons end. Where The Family Cat's
persona is alternatively melancholy and playful, The Becketts are altogether
The third song, 'Persephone', with a lyric based on Greek myth, sets the
tone. Its haunting opening lines, "I'm trying to tell you something / I
don't know where the rain comes from", are sung over a quiet
introduction before spiralling melody lines come in. Becketts' songs are
like this, sneaking up on you before spitting you all over the floor.
The power largely stems from frontman Mike Chinaski. Hardly a conventional
pin-up, as occasional chants from the audience of "You fat bastard"
illustrate, he makes up for what he lacks in cheekbones with the altogether
rarer commodity of presence. There are moments when he looks suspiciously
like Black Francis taking a sabbatical from the Pixies.
By the time The Becketts have reached their last two numbers, the cheerily
titled 'Auto Erotic Hanging' and 'Bazooka Joe', somebody has already
informed me, "I've never seen them this good before." Enough said really.
The Becketts, with a new EP up and coming, are worthy of your attention
right now.
Jonathan Wright


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