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Thanks, Edmund

From David Hadsley:

I saw them twice in concert once at manchester uni in 1991 and at Reading Festival again in 1991 where they absolutley rocked the second tent in ther mid afternoon. I got to speak to Tara after the Manchester gig, can't remember what he said though. I also had the long sleeved t-shirt with the swirly disc on the front which was luminous and 'about f**king time" on the back. I think I had to get it through the fan club. I also got sent postcards through the fan club but all these items are long gone, along with the picture/lyric inserts from some of the 12". Anyway if you know here I can download Five Thirty MP3s or if you want to buy any of the vinyl ( I would also swap them for CD versions) please respond to this e-mail.

Thanks very much (Edmund)

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